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  1. Thank you all for the excellent suggestions. We kept calling Carnival everyday and finally got a room for my sister. Someone else seems to have cancelled. I'm sorry for them, but yay for my sister! Thank you all again!
  2. @jbethel11 and @77sue, thanks, I will keep calling Carnival everyday. @ZoeyVictoria - I'm sorry that you lost your husband to cancer. Your point is very well taken and, yes, my sister does know about the cruise and we asked her first. @Saint Greg - Thanks, that's a great idea. I apologize for my stupid formatting in the OP. I tried four times to edit and remove the extra spaces that occurred when I copied and pasted but couldn't figure out how to fix the text. I will keep trying.
  3. Hi all, I've never used these boards, actually I have never cruised. My parents are scheduled to cruise on the Carnival Magic on 5/11/19 (next week) from Florida. My sister's husband has battled brain cancer the past year and just lost his battle. My sister has been the primary caregiver for him as he went through every form of treatment possible and eventually lost the ability to move and then swallow. Long story short, we are trying to see if we could send my sister with my parents to have some chance to get away. My parents room apparently only has room for 2 and Carnival put them on a waitlist to either upgrade to a larger room or to get my sister her own room as the cruise is currently already full. Is there anything else that we might try to get my sister either a room or to upgrade my parents room? Thank you all in advance for your kindness helping us. Sincerely, Shaun
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