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  1. Our friends thought were were nutty too, but there were 3 of us that all experienced it even though I was the only one who saw him. Sometimes you can't believe it until you experience it! Tell us about the next night too.
  2. I was on Oasis too before my experience on Allure but no ghost sighting there! You should have got up to dance with her. You didn’t have your cabin cleaned for the rest of the cruise?! Your steward would have been fine with the door open and lights on.
  3. I know for me when I saw the spirit and then opened my eyes, I thought I must by dreaming as I was not fully awake. And I went back to sleep right away. It was only when my cabin mates told me then sensed and hear footsteps that I realized it was not a dream. In the moment, I didn’t feel fear or in danger. The next few nights when I heard the footsteps, I didn’t want to see the image again because now I had fear. Not fear that this spirit would do something to me, but I didn’t want to see it again. Everyone will have different experiences and feelings. But when you think it’s a dream and not an actual person, you would probably react differently and tell yourself it’s your imagination like I did.
  4. What ship was this? Yeah, I heard footsteps pacing in our room and no one physically came in and my cabin mates were sleeping.
  5. I took a cruise on Infinity in 2002 and I can believe 5 people dying on one cruise! My sister and I were the only ones in the club every night lol! We were there to visit my friend who was crew.
  6. Thanks for providing this interesting information! Good to know it doesn’t sound possible someone dies weekly on the same ship. But with 4-6/week on all ships, I can only imagine all the other spirits on the high seas!
  7. Our stateroom attendant said someone dies on Allure almost every cruise so there could be a party of ghosts! I saw a tall man, but maybe he looked tall from the bed as he was standing at the foot of the bed watching me sleep.
  8. lol I woke up with a man staring at me at the foot of the bed!
  9. If your cabin is not by 9697 on Allure, don't worry! Even if it is, the spirit never harmed us. Just walked around and looking around it seems.
  10. That's good to know and you even know her name!
  11. There are no ghosts there, hope you have a good sleep now!
  12. Good idea and hopefully she was able to get some sleep after this experience! I know it disrupted my sleep.
  13. We should start a list of stateroom numbers to avoid on which ships! Did she just see him once?
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