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  1. Our friends thought were were nutty too, but there were 3 of us that all experienced it even though I was the only one who saw him. Sometimes you can't believe it until you experience it! Tell us about the next night too.
  2. I was on Oasis too before my experience on Allure but no ghost sighting there! You should have got up to dance with her. You didn’t have your cabin cleaned for the rest of the cruise?! Your steward would have been fine with the door open and lights on.
  3. I recently returned from cruise #10 on Allure of the Seas and I got to experience something new on this cruise! We boarded on Sunday and everything was fine until Wednesday night when we were sleeping. There were 3 of us in the cabin with my friend sleeping on the bed beside me and my sister on the pull out bed. I woke up sensing someone was walking around the room and looked to see what I thought was my friend standing there watching me sleep. But why did she look like a man? I turned my head to see she was laying beside me so I thought I must be dreaming and turned to the other side and w
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