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  1. We did the Pride of America cruise this past August.....looks like the same cruise you were on. Evidently NCL has improved on the onboard service a great deal as we have absolutely no complaints about the service. Friendly, helpful, efficient....and that was throughout the ship. We took this particular cruise to see the islands, so the lack of sea days was no problem for us. We were able to do all the shipboard activities we wanted to do plus some really fabulous shore time. We missed not having a casino on board.....but that translates into saving money. 😉 Overall I give NCL and POA two thumbs up and would recommend this cruise to anyone!
  2. rtread


    Thanks for the ideas! We just ordered 100% Kona Coffee from their website and got free shipping with the large order. So.....the coffee should be waiting on us when we get home and we'll pretend we bought it right from the plantation!!
  3. rtread


    We will make a short visit to Kona next week on the POA. We are wanting to purchase bags of Kona Coffee beans to ship home. We want 100% Kona coffee....not a blend. We will be limited on time and transportation. Is there a store/outlet in the Kona cruise ship area? Thanks!
  4. I'm looking for opinions on getting Uber rides in Waikiki area.....any bad experiences? Positive reviews? Taxi better? Thanks!
  5. Trying to find out what time our stateroom will be available to us. We want to board the ship as early as we can but want to time it to be able to go straight to our stateroom? Anyone?
  6. Wow! Very informative and thorough! Thanks....now I can impress my wife with the real story! We were tossing around things like the wall was to limit shark action, to create a kiddie pool area of the beach, and to create an area with no waves for pleasure purposes. Now we know. Looks like our hotel is at Kuhio Beach. Thanks!
  7. We will be staying at the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel. We are viewing the beach compliments of Google Maps satellite. There is a section of the beach directly out from the hotel that has an artificial looking barrier that is not far out from the beach and extends several hundred yards down the beach. My wife and I are having a "discussion" as to the purpose of this "barrier". Anyone?
  8. The way I put it to my wife is...."If we are going to do it, let's do it. The cruise companies try to make the cruises attractive and for the most part, they do. But.....it's a huge money grab for them. It's gotta be or they wouldn't exist. The Hawaii cruise on POA is an excellent way to see the islands. If we tried to put together a similar itinerary on our own, no way we could afford it. So let's do it and don't look back" So she quit worrying about the money and now it's LET'S HAVE FUN!
  9. rtread

    POA $$$ ??

    Watching this one......
  10. rtread

    Best Luau

    OK here's the deal. Talked to the lady at the Luau Kalamuku and she said on Thursday they have a luau just for the POA and it has to be booked through the concierge on the ship. We booked that and the plantation train ride as an excursion on the website. I asked the lady if they had food and drinks and she laughed and laughed. 😊
  11. rtread

    Best Luau

    Yes I did book it through the cruise ship and they happily took my money. I checked the reservation and it says Thursday. I'll call them and see what the deal is.....
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