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  1. If it's only going to go one way then there's no room for discussion is there? I post here to get information and to express an opinion. I can see why the reasonable person doesn't bother. It's therefore dominated by the over opinionated who have nothing better to do. The way of so many forums unfortunately.
  2. It was extremely judgemental and quite aggressive in it's nature, with lots of capitals. It was also flawed. I have been on cruises with a number of cruise companies and Celebrity's cost of a cruise is similar to other cruise companies. Therefore why the need for customers to subsidize the company's salary to their employees? Why should customers need to be put in the invidious position of having to compensate staff to a level they should be by their own company? Excursions are not included in the initial cost with any cruise company that I am aware of. But the cost is always somewhat higher with the cruise company than with an independent provider. The only advantage is the guarantee that the customer will not miss their ship with any delays. That concern is emphasized by all cruise companies. The moveup program is tacky and just looking to make as much money out of customers as possible. There is also the concern that cabins are withdrawn from general purchase so that bidders can push up the price in the moveup program (see BEAV posted May 6th). Edit: We tried to book a suite for the cruise but none were available. We still received the moveup email. When none were available? Or withdrawn for the lottery of the moveup program? I provide an opinion based on my experience and don't require to have it critisized as being unreasonable on the basis of your opinion. You have your view. I have mine. Thank you.
  3. Having just completed an excellent cruise with Celebrity I have to say one of the few downsides would be the extras and add on's that are asked for after you have paid for the cruise. Excursions are at a high cost and a lot of passengers arranged independent travel companies to provide the same or better tours at half the price. Gratuities seem to be almost obligatory and I put that down to the U.S. culture of tipping. Removing gratuities from your account at Guest Relations leads to a note and envelopes at the end of the cruise reminding you to provide a cash gratuity and 'suggesting' an amount per day per person for all departments, even if you have tipped individuals for good service throughout the cruise. And then there is the 'Moveup' scheme which appears to be some sort of lottery providing cabins to the highest bidder. A rather tacky approach through an independent contractor to increase the profit to Celebrity.
  4. That's why is it? I think Celebrity should better protect their customers than allowing a third party company to collect credit card details which could be used without Celebrity being aware and apparently outside of their security protection. I could see issues happening with that.
  5. I actually think it quite poor that they charge your card immediately. They should really contact you by email to say: "you're successful and could they charge your card?". I know it's in the T's & C's but it isn't good practice, especially from a third party.
  6. Thanks Happy. I do all that. And I check all websites have the padlock and https, as this one does. The bank has reimbursed me immediately but it is unpleasant and has meant I don't have that bank's card for a couple of weeks while I'm away. Fortunately I have other cards. Moveup can't charge me immediately now as the card has been cancelled. They would need to contact me or we'll just retain our current cabin, which is fine.
  7. Yes you are correct. I recall just putting in the last four digits for the online check in now you mention it. I suspected as much that the Moveup program would be handled by a third party. I think they wanted the full card details as they tell you they charge your card straight away if you are 'successful'. Certainly a lot of opportunity for them to use card details fraudulently. Always is an issue when buying stuff over the internet. They always need card name, 16 digit number, cvc number and expiry date. All of which can be used elsewhere if a merchant wanted to do so. Must happen a lot and my bank was not that surprised. It certainly bothered me though. I also bought third party excursions online and they may have been the problem. Difficult to tell.
  8. I booked our cruise through a TA. Checked in online with Celebrity and subsequently received the Moveup email invitation. I had already input my credit card on check in but was surprised to be asked again on registering for Moveup, when I had already entered it for Celebrity, as required, on check in. This has nothing to do with booking through a TA as Celebrity require a card at the online check in. Why ask for the card details again? And then hold on to the details in a department which seems to be running a bidding process for an upgrade that may never happen? They must get a lot of card details which don't get used and could be used for fraud at any point. Strangely I have had fraud on my card shortly after registering with them and have had to cancel the card. Coincidence?
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