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  1. Wow really? I wonder if they would use my OBC in the terminal?
  2. I have OBC that I won’t be able to access until I’m on the ship, I thinking about using that to buy a dining package. I’ve never purchased a dining package onboard though, I usually do it through the cruise planner. Does anyone know where I would go? Guest services? I’ll be on Symphony.
  3. Anybody going out of the port of Miami used a 28” size luggage? Or am I cutting it too close?
  4. Great review so far! I can’t wait to see pictures!
  5. Thank you! That really put me to ease.
  6. Thanks everyone! I plan to get to the port about 1, and just stay put until the rooms open. I’m always nervous about being that 1 in whatever that gets their luggage lost. I’d just prefer to have my luggage with me.
  7. Thanks! You don’t know as in you don’t think it’s a good idea or you’ve never done it?
  8. Going on Symphony in June, and I much prefer to carry my luggage on. This will be my first time leaving from the Miami port and from the videos I’ve seen there’s only an escalator? Does anyone know if there are elevators at the Miami port? If not, did you or anyone you know have trouble carrying your luggage up the escalators?
  9. Our problem has come to an end! But first, to clarify, my husband's company did recently downsize and that is where the "emergency" stemmed from. It was less of an actual emergency (where he would be the only one able to handle something) and more of an issue of redistribution of duties with less staff, in which they made an emergency on my husband's end. Anyways, he tells me he went into work, called Royal and kindly asked again if it was possible to switch sail dates. Of course, he was met with the same "No", but this time he called his boss over, told him that Royal was saying it wasn't possible without incurring the 75% cancellation fee and then re-booking. His boss attempted to give him pointers on what to say, but good ol' Royal representatives and their scripts, kept saying "No". When they got off the phone, my husband says there was a period of time where his boss visibly looked upset. But then asked him if there was anyway while we were on the cruise if he could block off an hour or two to during the days they really needed him to check in remotely. He let his boss know that wasn't possible without buying the internet package and now his company is purchasing us the internet package! Husband doesn't mind working a couple of hours for those couple of days, he's one of those people who tends to get stressed out if they leave work for a long period of time anyways. It's a win/win in my book. I also wanted to say, I wish Royal adopted more a case by case approach. Could we have been lying? Of course, but why would someone lie about needing to sail earlier and having to pay MORE money? If anything, the cancellation penalty would have moved from 75% to 100% and we would have got nothing back.
  10. Reading everyone's comments and all of our frustration moved from Royal not changing the sail date to "Yeah! We shouldn't have to change the sail date!". It's last minute and stressful. We're currently thinking of a way to kindly say "NOPE! I'm going on vacation". Essentially, we're leaving on our pre-planned vacation date and thats-that. I really do appreciate everyone's response. Our families don't cruise and thus don't understand all the logistics, so my ranting was being met with a lot of "RCCL is wrong, there has to be a way!"
  11. I get what you're saying, but it stinks when you're one of the honest people with an honest problem. Unfortunately, didn't get travel insurance. But next year, I'm definitely getting it.
  12. I know it’s a longshot, but I’m hoping for a miracle! Please tell me it’s possible without paying a boatload of money to Royal! Husband and I have cruised with Royal 2 times before, we always cruise around the same every year (May/June) because we have set work schedules (or so we thought) with pre-planned vacation time. This year, we’re booked for Symphony of the Seas. Now an emergency arises at my husband’s place of work and they are requiring him to come in - RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR CRUISE - with his boss simply saying “Just have it moved to the week before”. The problem is, it’s after final payment. We don’t mind paying more for an upgraded stateroom (we’ll move to a balcony which is around ~300 more) and we’ll pay it! Spoke to a couple of representatives and one supervisor and they are saying it’s considered a cancellation, which would cause us to lose ~75% of what we paid. I told them if we cancel we won’t rebook! Would they seriously rather lose upwards of ~$600 to cancel us, rather than move us and gain 300 on top of what we already paid!? Please help!
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