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  1. My group of five just got off of the Horizon today. Unfortunately, I've only cruised one other time, on the Glory, so my experience is limited. We thoroughly enjoyed the crew and the service, as well as most of the food. Our frustrations came from not being able to use the overcrowded pools and rarely finding seats for all of us together (except for in the main dining room and deck 5). Can I ask what the itinerary is? We just finished the Southern and LOVED all of the ports, minus La Romana (it was too hot to get out and explore with my 70+ co-cruisers). If I'm totally honest, I liked the accessibility of the Glory better, but I found the amenities of the Horizon to be better. If you have any questions about the Horizon, I just debarked today and am happy to answer anything on your mind 🙂
  2. Hi all! First off, I've been a lurker on this site for several months, but this is my first post, and I would like to personally thank you all for providing such excellent and helpful information, tips, opinions, etc. You guys are great, and each post has helped inform decisions for my (wonderful) cruise! I just got off the Carnival Horizon (5/4 sail date in the Southern Caribbean), which was my second overall cruise AND my second Carnival cruise. I've got a few questions I hope you can assist with and a couple of opinions to share. I would love to share this brief list of top and bottom three opinions about the Horizon with John Heald but (although I've read information from him on a social media site), I cannot seem to find a way to contact him. First question: does every passenger receive a survey to give praise and blahs, or are surveys randomly generated? My top 3 praises of the cruise: 1. THE PEOPLE -- Cruisers can say what they want about Carnival passengers, but I think I and my party of five were in great company for the past eight days. [If you were on our sailing, THANK YOU for being so friendly and making the environment so inviting!] Aside from a few nasties we met in the elevators and one smartypants on Lido, EVERYONE on the ship was so nice and so engaging and so helpful. Truly delightful cursing company. 2. THE CREW -- Our main dining room staff (Runata, Gordana, and I Komang) were FANTASTIC. Even on nights that my group wasn't very hungry or interested in the menu, we went to the main dining room just to visit with our requested team. This group truly felt like family. While we never had poor service on the Horizon, some crew members stood out above the rest (this team was at the TOP), and my group was blown away by how amazing the service and kindness was. Additionally, our room steward, Widalta, was unbelievably dedicated to assuring our experience was positive. Even the crew members that simply said hello or smiled or engaged with us were amazing. 3. THE COMEDY -- Although I did enjoy the shows that time allowed us to attend (making it to dinner and shows and ports was difficult!), the comedy club was the highlight of my evening. Not naming names but one comedian was NOT enjoyable, but the other three that were MORE than made up for it, and I'm so glad that the Horizon booked these talented individuals. Honorable Mention: Guy's Burgers. No other comments needed :) My 3 Blahs 1. THE POOLS -- We never quite made it into the crowded pools. We once got into the whirlpool on the Aft of Lido but were not impressed. Loved the Havana whirlpools though! Though it never felt crowded in other areas,, the pools and loungers were impossible to utilize. There's plenty of seating (we were often on deck 5...), which was nice, but it would have been better to have the chance to enjoy Serenity and the loungers by the pools. 2. THE SCHEDULING -- As mentioned above, it was nearly impossible (re: required LOTS of planning) to enjoy dinner and shows each evening. It almost always seemed like nothing happened during the day, but evenings were full of fun things we wanted to do and had to make some difficult decisions to get to "the best." 3. I don't want to say this but THE ELEVATORS. They'd be great, and I love the idea, but the amount of people that did not want to learn how they operate was unbearable. Maybe there was a tutorial that I missed, but if not, it's greatly needed. Our second sea day (day 6), people were still jumping into the elevators saying, "Don't know where I'm going but I trust you made the right call..." That was annoying. Not that we didn't want to use the stairs, but of my group of five, three are 70+ years old. Therefore, we often needed to use the elevators, and it would've been if there were at least signs on how to use them. Honorable Mention: LITTLE THINGS: the placement of columns in the the Liquid Lounge (common complaint, I know), the Hub App didn't always work for all of our group, pictures were often "lost" while other passengers' pictures would show up on our section, the "stale" popcorn (I didn't think it was stale, but it was a big deal to one in my group), and the "boring" activities that are actually sales pitches. I'd really appreciate any advice on giving feedback, particularly our praise to our crew staff members. For anyone that has any questions, I'm happy to answer! Lastly -- my first cruise was Western on the Glory (Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize, and Cozumel), and this one was Southern (Grand Turk, La Romana, Curacao, and Aruba). What suggestions would you have for ports for the third cruise?! Any ship suggestions? Again, thank you to the whole board!
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