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  1. Hello. I am considering possibly booking a cruise on the MSC Armonia in July. I will be travelling solo. Does anyone know if the Armonia has solo cabins? This would be my first cruise on MSC and my second cruise ever.
  2. I'm so conflicted on this. Part of me gets excited when I see some of the features of the Scarlet Lady. And part of me, when I read some of the reviews, keeps asking "is this the right cruise for me?" Pros: No kids Solo friendly The restaurants The drag queen brunch (I have a fascination with drag queens). Cons: The pool The bathroom The music Of course, in the end nothing can be decided cruise-wise until the ear doctor clears me to fly... if not, well, the point is moot because no way am I driving from Dallas to Miami.
  3. so much for my diet if I take the cruise...
  4. One thing I would like to know, because I didn't see it addressed in either video, is if there are hairdryers built in anywhere. I didn't seem to see one. I hopefully would not have to pack a hairdryer, especially since I would have to fly to get to Miami.
  5. I would rather have something on my wrist. Like someone else mentioned, I can only wear superlight things on my neck, and I was in perpetual fear of losing my card. I had managed to get a ring/card attachment for my cell phone case and kept it there, since I knew I was always going to be having my phone with me.
  6. Actually I came back to dog sitting a neurotic beagle while my sister went on vacation, then I had to have eye surgery. If there is one thing I really don't want to do is come back and dog sit x-x. Like I said, I'm a teacher so I'm restricted to teacher off times. Which stinks because of the prices of some of the cruises when I can go.
  7. I'm debating on what cruise to take this summer. I really haven't seen much "I cruised Virgin and this is what I thought". I would like to hear some real experiences.
  8. I'm in Dallas, so the drive to Galveston is about 4 to 5 hours, and no car rental just cruise parking which isn't too bad. That's why I "stacked" my trip with the teacher convention (20 hours professional development credit) and cruise back to back. But last year I hated coming back relaxed from the cruise then having to do a whole bunch of stuff at home, dogsit for my sister, etc. I wasn't relaxed any more.
  9. Last year I combined going to a teacher convention in Galveston with going on a cruise, but that was in June. This year I'm hoping to split the convention and cruise, and do the cruise in July. I'm looking at maybe trying the Virgin ship out of Miami... but I've been having a lot of ear problems over the last year and that might make flying out of the question. I might also like a New Years cruise, depending on when school reports back.
  10. Since I'm a teacher, I'm pretty much doing June/July cruises (we report back the first week of August) though I might try one over winter break. I did cruise last year paying full price (well, it was 50% off the second passenger) on Royal. I would like a little more variety though. I'm honestly trying to get back into the vacation thing, period. I was my parents caretaker and that cruise was my first vacation in 37 years.
  11. I made sure to get a secure traveling purse that can't be cut, can't easily be opened, rfid protected. I got a backpack style. Since it latches and can't be opened without tugging I felt secure with it and my hands were free for other things.
  12. I wish there were more cruise lines out of Galveston, or at least the ones there would have solo cabins. Right now the only lines cruising there are Royal Caribbean and Carnival. While Royal has some ships with solo cabins, none of them are in Galveston. Galveston is a 6 hour drive for me, and I'd rather hop a cruise out of there than have to fly to another city (I'm dealing with inner ear problems). New Orleans would be another option, but again, no solo cruises out of there.
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