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  1. Thanks, yes I saw the QE2 is a hotel. I'll have a look. So much to choose from. Have noticed that taxis are relatively inexpensive.. Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. Hi We are cruising out of Dubai in January and are looking to book a pre cruise hotel for one night near the port. Any recommendations. So many to choose from. Thanks
  3. Hi cruisers We are just about to book on Azamara Journey for next year Meditteranean after deciding to move our Pursuit cruise due to pandemic situation in South Africa. Only second time on Azamara but have cruise RCI numerous. Thinking about a club continent suite. Any suggestions on best location. Only suites left are deck 8. Many thanks
  4. its just the 2 adults. Before you confirm your bid, if you do bid! it will show you the total charge that you will pay beforehand, so you will know for sure.
  5. yes its disappointing isn't it if they have already sold them as chances are they won't cancel. Ive looked at some pictures of the sister ship Grandiosa, as I'm assuming they will be the same as Virtuosa. TBH I really would of preferred to of bid on a duplex, but that option didn't come up. And they are still selling those!
  6. Ahhh ok, won't get my hopes up then. Thanks
  7. we are sailing 28th August, and yes ours also says sold out of Royal Suites, which is weird as you think they would try and sell them 'normally' too. When are you booked?
  8. Hi For those of you sailing on Virtuosa this summer/autumn seems like many of us have received an e mail offering the chance to bid on an upgrade. Anyone considering doing this, just interested and also would be interested to see how soon bids are successful/unsuccessful, though believe they can keep you waiting until just before the cruise. We have put a bid in for a royal yc suite from a deluxe balcony yc suite. Are happy with what we have already but just thought why not and no big deal if we don't get it, as think its only a bigger room and a hot tub really you get extra.... Anyone else tempted?? Happy cruising everyone....
  9. Hi, hope you don't mind gatecrashing the thread but does anyone know what the YC port area is like in Southampton? First time in YC and MSC but many times cruised with RCI in suites. Thanks
  10. thanks for all the info and so pleased your having a lovely time. Just wondered what your thoughts were on the YC restaurant menu. Have seen a couple of posts with menus and they do seem to be very fish orientated, and not a massive fan of fish tbh so this has worried me a little. Thanks, hope the weather picks up for you
  11. Thanks everyone. I'll have to say I'm kinda drawn towards the cabins at the front on 15, especially if they're glass fronted. They also look slightly bigger cabins, but I could be mistaken.
  12. Hi We are new to MSC having cruised a lot with RCI and have just booked a Yacht Club Deluxe Suite. Have absolutely no idea on what is a good location for these cabins, there are a lot to choose from.....can anybody recommend a good location? Is it good to have the cabins right at the front of the ship? They look to have bigger balconies or is it really windy. Many thanks
  13. Thank you! We will definitely not use a NY cab then!
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