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  1. My husband and I have booked Explora next year for a Greece itinerary.  We were loyal to Royal for many years (in suites) and then have moved across to MSC YC (just done our 8th, and we love YC) but are keen try a smaller ship and definitely Explorer!  We will both be 60 next year,  Can't wait (not to be 60!!! lol) but for the cruise!! 

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  2. Hi,

    We are going to book shortly an OT1 on Explora 1 and from looking at the deck plans it gives the impression that suites 6049, 6048, 6015 and 6016 have a slightly bigger balcony, or is that my imagination?  Anyone had any experience of this or sailed in these cabins.  Thank you 🙂

  3. On 2/1/2024 at 8:15 AM, harz99 said:

    Is there one, the UK allocated ship always used to reposition back to Genoa? I've been looking for a repo from the US back to UK/EU that same month and it seems that it'll be sometime in July/August before those itineraries are released. 



    There is one this year leaving Southampton in November on the Virtuosa doing a Southern Transatlantic. Am hoping for the same in 2025 

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  4. 5 hours ago, Vivasea said:

    I have cruised for over 30 years - actually my first cruise was on P & O Chusan in 1968.  For 15 years I booked through very good TA in Scotland. UNTIL I had to cancel a B2B booking they kept my £600 deposit.  When I contacted Celebrity they informed £400 had been refunded to TA.  From then I have always booked direct with cruise company.  I have been with Azamara for 14 years and no complaints they have always been helpful and professional. I like to think how much commission that Agent has lost  through bad customer relations.  I will always be loyal to Azamara.

    I think this will definitely be our last time booking through an Agent....


  5. Thanks everyone for your replies.  Phoned my TA again and the agent said that they still had had no notification from Azamara. I then phoned Azamara again and they said that they informed all TA's on 18th January by e mail.   I asked them to send the e mail again to them and copy me in, which they did.  So I now have the proof that the cruise is cancelled.  Ive e mailed my TA again stating this and am awaiting their response.  The thing that does also annoy me is that on  the e mail from Azamara to the TA which I was copied in on, in states that if their clients (me) would like a 125% deal for future cruise they have to of taken it up by 3rd of February.  Well its the 1st tomorrow and my TA hasn't even contacted me so time is running out if I wished to that.  

    We have never booked through a TA before, let alone a land and cruise package.  Always booked direct with the cruise company.  Never again! 

  6. Hi

    Our Journey cruise on 7th May from Venice has been cancelled by Azamara just under 2 weeks ago.  Our TA  (UK) who we have a land and cruise package booked with say they haven't been told by Azamara (Azamara say they have e mailed all TA's) and won't process our refund until they have been told by Azamara.  Has anyone had anything similar happened.  I'm sure its a delaying tactic for refunding us but am really stuck as to what to do next.  Any ideas. Thanks. 

  7. thanks everyone and pictures look lovely!  Its funny as we booked this  Middle East cruise on board a previous  MSC cruise and the cruise consultant said it was MSC's private island lol!!  We aren't fussed either way as looks lovely regardless of who uses it, but funny that she said that.  Happy Cruising everyone x

  8. Hi


    We are cruising out of Dubai in January and one of our stops is MSC's private island.  Anyone been before and got any info.  Also we are in YC.  Is there a different area/dining there.  Not bothered either way tbh but just curious.  Thanks 

  9. Hi


    wonder if anyone can give any advice. We are cruising out of Dubai on 15th January and are travelling out on the 13th (overnight flight) from uk and staying one night pre cruise.  We need a negative pcr to enter Dubai up to 72 hours before and the same for the ship. So in order to get a pcr in the uk that will cover both I guess we need to get pcr on the 12th and pay more for one that comes back that day. But with the time change of plus 4 hours in Dubai from the uk if we get one at say midday on the 12th it should cover us to board the ship on the 15th at midday. However, what about the time change as Dubai is 4 hours ahead of the uk......

    Its a right nuisance to try and time in the times and get the results back in time. I hope this makes sense? Thanks 

  10. On 9/15/2021 at 11:01 AM, Jayayeff said:


    You can stay within Port Rashid if you like as the QE2 is now moored there and open as a hotel (Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel).  Alternatively there are several hotels quite close to the port.  You can check out The Canvas Dubai (A Mgallery Collection hotel) or the Hyatt Place Dubai, Jumeirah.   If you are looking for budget hotels then try either the Mercure Gold or the Holiday Inn Express, Jumeirah...


    If you need any further suggestions, let me know...



    Thanks, yes I saw the QE2 is a hotel.  I'll have a look. So much to choose from.  Have noticed that taxis  are relatively inexpensive.. Thanks for your suggestions. 

  11. Hi cruisers

    We are just about to book on Azamara Journey for next year Meditteranean after deciding to move our Pursuit cruise due to pandemic situation in South Africa.  Only second time on Azamara but have cruise RCI numerous.  Thinking about a club continent suite.  Any suggestions on best location.  Only suites left are deck 8.  

    Many thanks 

  12. 11 minutes ago, colsky said:

    We've received the bid for an upgrade e-mail.  We're a family of 4, with 2 young children. The upgrade e-mail implies that the cost is per adult person, so the kids are free to upgrade. Does anyone know if that's correct, or if the actual upgrade cost will be times 4 in the end?

    its just the 2 adults.  Before you confirm your bid, if you do bid! it will show you the total charge that you will pay beforehand, so you will know for sure. 

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  13. 4 minutes ago, wirral36 said:

    I didnt know that.  I’d like to see travellers pictures and videos of the royal suite on virtuosa but there isn’t any thst I can find. Just out of curiosity. Have you seen any ?

    yes its disappointing isn't it if they have already sold them as chances are they won't cancel.  Ive looked at some pictures of the sister ship Grandiosa, as I'm assuming they will be the same as Virtuosa.  TBH I really would of preferred to of bid on a duplex, but that option didn't come up.  And they are still selling those!

  14. 9 minutes ago, ziggyuk said:


    They would sell them first, if you are bidding for a cabin at the top of the chain that is sold out you are really "on standby" for a late cancellation, they would never want those cabins to sail empty.

    Ahhh ok, won't get my hopes up then.  Thanks


  15. 18 hours ago, wirral36 said:

    What date are you booked on ? I’ve bid on it also but it’s showing on line as sold out

    we are sailing 28th August, and yes ours also says sold out of Royal Suites, which is weird as you think they would try and sell them 'normally' too.  When are you booked?


  16. Hi


    For those of you sailing on Virtuosa this summer/autumn seems like many of us have received an e mail offering the chance to bid on an upgrade.  Anyone considering doing this, just interested and also would be interested to see how soon bids are successful/unsuccessful, though believe they can keep you waiting until just before the cruise.  We have put a bid in for a royal yc suite from a deluxe balcony yc suite.  Are happy with what we have already but just thought why not and no big deal if we don't get it, as think its only a bigger room and a hot tub really you get extra.... Anyone else tempted??  Happy cruising everyone....

  17. thanks for all the info and so pleased your having a lovely time.  Just wondered what your thoughts were on the YC restaurant menu.  Have seen a couple of posts with menus and they do seem to be very fish orientated, and not a massive fan of fish tbh so this has worried me a little.  Thanks, hope the weather picks up for you 

  18. Hi


    We are new to MSC having cruised a lot with RCI and have just booked a Yacht Club Deluxe Suite.  Have absolutely no idea on what is a good location for these cabins, there are a lot to choose from.....can anybody recommend a good location?  Is it good to have the cabins right at the front of the ship? They look to have bigger balconies or is it really windy.  Many thanks 

  19. On 7/2/2019 at 6:34 AM, Corby114 said:

    Carmel Limo and Dial 7 Limo are two reliable companies based in the New York City area that provide excellent service in the metropolitan New York City area. There rates are reasonable and they have clean vehicles and knowledgeable drivers. You can be assured that they will arrive at their scheduled time and get to the location you need to be at. Have used them numerous times and was always satisfied with there service.

    Thank you 

  20. On 7/2/2019 at 1:27 AM, CruiseDigits said:

    I echo the comments about using a car service, that would be my first choice.  Also thinking out loud, one additional option is to do a one-way car rental -- it's not a fun drive and there are tolls but it's an option (the backup plan for the backup plan).


    Hopefully you're able to get on a flight to EWR.

    Thank you 

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