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  1. We are booked on the February 2023 sailing and chose it because we live near the port and so relaxing to just Uber from home. Now that it is going to be sailing out of Long Beach we were thinking of driving up the night before and try to find one of those cruise away packages at a hotel with free or reduced parking rates. Has anyone else done that out of Long Beach? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. I appreciate all of the help and checked my booking with Carnival and they do show the 600 onboard credit. i also saw that they extended the deadlines for booking and for traveling to still obtain the obc. Thanks for helping this clueless cruiser!
  3. Yes, I guess I was unclear. The TA emailed me the agency’s reservation confirmation but at the bottom they had add ons. There it stated “$600 Onboard Credit provided by Carnival Cruise Line” I appreciate the suggestions and will check with Carnival as to what their reservation shows and go from there.
  4. We were booked on a Carnival cruise that was cancelled due to Covid and we elected to go with the future cruise credit option with $600 onboard spending if we rebooked by 12/31/20. we booked a new Carnival cruise for March 2023 and I made clear we were booking to get the $600 OBC. Our cruise confirmation lists the 600 OBC. Today a friend showed me a posting from Carnival she saw that states that you must cruise by 12/31/22 to get the 600 OBC. is the travel agency legally obligated to honor the $600 OBC?
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