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  1. I read somewhere it was the 13 but it was nothing official just another post somewhere. I also don’t see the sale everyone is talking about just 50$ obc and reduced deposit.
  2. In my reservation I selected “no cabin upgrades” because I like the location of our cabin and didn’t want to be moved without my knowledge into a better category of the same type cabin. Does this mean I won’t get the upsell calls either? Thank you for the clarification!
  3. Will they call you with an up sell if you have booked through a “big box store”?
  4. This sounds amazing! How much is this drink?
  5. Thank you, this is very helpful. It looks like the best bet is to bring an Ipad and turn phones off, only using Facebook messenger or similar program for communicating to home.
  6. We are "new" to cruising but have cruised before on our Honeymoon before video calling was really a "thing". We are planning a cruise now and looking at cruise lines. This would be the first time we leave our children to go somewhere alone, so it's really important to us to be able to contact home and check back in. Video chatting would be preferable but just text messaging -would- work if that does work better. We are looking for either the best cruise line for wifi (video calling or calling over facebook messenger) or any tips and tricks for staying in touch with kids at home? I hope I have put this in the correct forum! Thanks in advance :) (we are looking at the Eastern Caribbean, sailed HAL before as a couple and enjoyed that but willing to branch out)
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