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  1. Pools Ok that was too short sorry. Each ship has an agenda. Some want you to check out spas, special agendas, hold raffles, bands, bars, sports, food. Now for your trip. ‘Inside your cabin will be a print version or electronic version of the days activity by time it is offered. Muster drill mandatory. Note location and time you must go. I think you are on ROYAL CARIBBEAN. THEY HOLD RAFFLES, GREAT WAY TO GET FREEBIES. Casino likely closed as well as most restaurants. Buffet open, Pos a few more check your daily itinerary as I mentioned before. Get up and outside, soak in the fresh air and sip on your favorite drink and people watch. Get in your last free post on Facebook before you sail. Enjoy
  2. I heard yesterday that some of the North shore is still closed from slides. Only locals can pass.
  3. No fav yet, NCL. RCCL and Princess. Going on Celebrity in Fall. I’m a Diamond on RCCL and very close to next tier. Be it solo or not the perks with tiers really help sway which line I go on.
  4. Yes. On many cruise lines. Big money, but under the 1200.00 mark. Which when you do hit, as I did a few months ago, over 1200. On NcL the hand pay wouldn’t pay until I went to my room and gave them my state I’d and social security number. Then I had to sign I am legit then I was paid. On that cruise, day one winner on penny slot with 1.00 hit 25K
  5. I have cruised solo, a lot. I am comfortable doing so. I can say I have a lot of fun, eat exactly when and where I desire. Take excursions or just do nothing. My choice. I can talk to thousands or read a book. I get off a cruise not exhausted but truly feel I was on a vacation. You will find it is all on your time. Your way. Hope your adventures find you smiling and enjoying
  6. I have lived on Kauai. If I had only one day I would do Waimea canyon. Head a bit further west as you will see beautiful shorelines, be careful and do as the posted signs regarding safe water conditions. A few hidden treasures. Sunsets are perfect in Poipu. Weather is always perfect in Poipu. Glass Beach, only the locals know of, yet you can search and collect colored glass pieces. FYI all beaches are open to public, getting to some might take a bit of imagination. Just past spouting horn, a few blocks, a small trail on the left will lead you to a spectacular ocean viewing sight. Dolphins often can be seen swimming by. If you are driving along and you see a few cars parked along the road yet nothing is in view, your locals surfing. Well I could write a book, you only have one day. FYI. Hilo Hattie is great to stop in but Walmart will have a lot of standard souvenirs. Coffee a must to take home, on that subject you can stop in before or after Waimea for free to a coffee plantation. Good luck and Aloha
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