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    Westerdam or Veendam to Europe?

    Just sailed on the Veendam and sailed in May on the Westerdam. While both were nice.... the Vista class Westerdam wins HANDS DOWN! It was pristine and so peaceful. The V is showing her age even after her drydock upgrades.
  2. JmzandJojo

    Detailed Review - Veendam - Nov 18-25, 2006

    Hi Tom, Great t read your review. Had to complete some schoolwork first and will be writing one myself this week. Going home is truly the only REALLY bad part of any cruise! lol
  3. JmzandJojo

    Do you think the $30 charge per person is worth it?

    I voted yes. My only experience was on my May Alaskan cruise on the Westerdam. It was a lovely dinner experience with lots of extra pampering and attention to detail that I fully expected. We enjoy fine dinning here at home as well. Yes we can eat out for under 30 each, but it's not an elegant place, only commonplace. The fare in the dinningroom was adequate at best, I'd have to agree with E19.
  4. JmzandJojo

    How much to you love or hate to pack?

    Heck YEAH I'd pay. I think you could charge by days in the trip, as that determines the amount of luggage and items taken along. You might want to develop pre-packaged toiletry sets with toothbrushes, travel sized bottles to fill etc... Great idea..hmmmmm Basic fold and pack, Deluxe Iron fold and pack, and Supreme Ironed and tissue wrapped (anti-wrinkle) packing. You could enen make some stickers with your business logo and offer a travel size of Wrinkle Free as a little gift. If ya wanted to go whole hog you could offer a post trip UNpacking with laundry service. Heck I'd pay $100.00 easy for a 5 day on the Deluxe style.
  5. JmzandJojo

    Private Tour

    [URL="http://www.*******************.com/Cayman.htm"]http://www.*******************.com/Cayman.htm[/URL] Check the Cayman Activity Guide forum. You may want to consider renting a van. From my understanding driving is a breeze.
  6. JmzandJojo

    Help on renting a car

    Contact the guy on the forum Cayman Activity Guide. He get's discounts from Andy's and one other car rental. They were effecient in contacting us. the prices were very reasonalbe as well. the discount was 10% better than psted prices. [URL="http://www.*******************.com/Cayman.htm"]http://www.*******************.com/Cayman.htm[/URL]
  7. JmzandJojo

    Anyone Used Chris Wilson JUTA driver?

    Thanks so much for the information. Found out it was MY email causing the lack of communication. Got his response to my new date today, and confirmed. Chris has been VERY attentive to email contacts, and already displaying a free wheeling personality. <grin> We really wanted a private driver, and not to be jammed into a van with other cruisers with different agendas. That's the main reason we avoided some of the other's mentioned. Every post seemed to mention larger groups. On the Jamaican tourism sites they really reassure tourist about the JUTA drivers. We considered a week long land vacation there, so I'd done a good bit of reading. My DH is excited to know there'll be chilled Red Stripe waiting for him. HooRAY BEER! lol
  8. My DH and I are also on the cruise and active in the RollCall for that date. We'd love to have you join in and come meet us at our CC Meet and Greet Sunday 10Am at the Crow's Nest. See you on the Roll Call boards!
  9. JmzandJojo

    Nail polish smudge with insect repellant/sunscreen?

    Look for a product called NailTek Formula #2 . It's the only product that has ever worked for me. I owned a nail salon for years and wore gels and acrylics because i am a nailbiter. When I began using the Nailtek my nails hardened and grew like weeds. They have several formulas, one is specifically for nails after artificals. They carry it at Eckerd's here now, or a beauty supply may have it.
  10. JmzandJojo

    Anyone Used Chris Wilson JUTA driver?

    Just generally glad to see that someone recognized Chris's name. I hadn't seen any posts about him or his company. Unfortunately our port day changed, and I haven't heard from him. I hope he can still take us.
  11. JmzandJojo

    7 ships in port!!!

    Cruisecal does show 6 ships..... BUT.... Veendam HAL changed itinery and will ALSO be on the list. They haven't updated the site to show the change. I confirmed it with HAL. I was pretty upset as the original date had us as one of only 2 ships.
  12. JmzandJojo

    "Complimentary Upgrade" @ HAL

    Did you book a guarentee or an actual stateroom? It seems like the upgrade fairy tends to give out those 'complimentary upgrades' to those in GUAR cabins more often than those who have designated cabin numbers from the time of booking. That's been the case with both cruises for my DH and I. We book a guarentee that we'd live with and cross our fingers. VF to VA aft, and HH fully obstructed to C. Not too bad :D
  13. JmzandJojo

    Anyone Used Chris Wilson JUTA driver?

    I originally got a recc. about Chris here on the board. Has anyone else used his services? He's been quick to reply to emails...just wondering.
  14. JmzandJojo

    Change in Iten. weeks before the cruise!

    Thanks a BUNCH! HOLY COW We went from being one of 2 ships in port at costa Maya to being 1 of 7!!!!! Chances are that excursion is a gonner and it was the OLNY tour we'd even planned to a Mayan Ruin. the only real thing we were interested in in the whole itinerary..........this is just so downheartening...so very downheartening
  15. I'm a little peeved that I found out on the roll call that HAL completely switched the dates of two of my ports. Luckily one of the CCers has a good travel agent. HAL has made no contact. Now I have to work swiftly to change privately booked excursions! sigh....... Does anyone have the link to the site to see which ships are in port each day?