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  1. Your right floris. I think everything that can be said about this has been said at this point. Those who have chosen one side or another are probably not budging. I'm glad the majority of people voted in my favor on Elliot but I was surprised it was even that close. There are strong opinions on both sides and I don't think there is anything else to be said. Thank you again to everyone for contributing.
  2. I find it funny how everything I said on here was questioned, but yet, what was written on the other site was mostly taken as accurate. I can see why you would believe a third party source more, I understand that, but everything they said wasn't accurate. When Elliot looked up the price of the suite, it was in fact, closer to 10% of the price. When I looked up the prices it was in fact closer to 25%. Once again shows you how cruises have thousands of dollars in price differences from one day to the next. The person that paid over $5,000 more than what another cruiser paid a few days later is out of luck. I like how you posted that "nobody would ever confuse couple with several." When in fact, it was 2 months away. Maybe Elliot used "several" instead of "couple" to keep my itinerary private. Or maybe "several" sounded better to prove their point. Not sure why they used the words they did but it seems like someone in fact did "confuse couple with several". You can agree or disagree with my point of view, that's fine. But what I have posted on here has been accurate.
  3. Not sure if your implying that anything I said on this thread was invalid, but if so, please explain.
  4. Thanks hiccups. I thought it was a reasonable ask. Hoping the experience from here on forward is all positive.
  5. So for the long awaited update everybody is waiting for... Like some had suggested, I told Azamara I was not happy with an OV but that I would settle for a veranda. The manager took a few days to discuss with the management team and at the end of the day came back to me with the same options. I asked if I could at least keep the OB credits that were offered which included $500 OBC, internet, and specialty dining that was part of the promo when I booked. They agreed to let me keep the credits. Is it a good deal? Sure. Would I have booked the OV originally at this price? No. Although it's a good deal, there were other itineraries I liked better. However, I decided to accept because after planning the whole trip it was just too much of a headache to change everything. I'm also just tired of all this and would like to try to enjoy my cruise at this point. I'm sure I will have a good time, it was just very stressful leading up to this point. I'm not a lawyer, but from my research I've learned that cruise lines have the right to cancel a "mistake price" even after it is booked. Something I completely disagree with but it seems like they can. However, I wonder at what point does this right go away? After final payment? After 1...2...3... confirmations? When a cruise is less than 2 months away? Once you've printed your tickets? At what point are they fully liable is unclear. Something more important then the legal question, is the ethical one. Ok, they made a mistake.If I received a phone call immediately after or the next morning telling me about the mistake, I probably wouldn't have cared as much. Instead, immediately after and the next morning I received 2 verbal confirmations and multiple email confirmations (even more confirmations after that). It was no longer 1 price mistake at this point, it was multiple mistakes that a multi-billion dollar company should be able to prevent. Why is it that they made all the mistakes, I did all the right things, and I'm the one that suffers the consequences. I hope to write very positive reviews about Azamara after my first cruise with them. I'm just disappointed on how everything went down so far. Thank you all for your feedback and for sharing your stories. I appreciate your help.
  6. Very interesting. Thanks for joining SoCalTraveler. I didn't think of the credit card dispute piece. I'm glad you were able to get things worked out on your end.
  7. Thanks for sharing Travelberlin. You would think that after making a mistake, most companies would not try to fix it by putting their problem onto the consumer.
  8. Thanks for sharing snowglobe. Unfortunately, it seems like some laws in the US are geared to protecting corporations more so than consumers. More to come on this soon.
  9. Thanks for sharing wonderingabout. I don't know how any reasonable person would still believe their was a pricing mistake after multiple confirmations, printing tickets and paying in full.
  10. People pay 75% less for a cruise than others have paid all the time. Someone could have booked a Verahnda during a last minute fire sale, bid $400 to be upgraded to a suite if there were still plenty left, and ended up paying thousands upon thousands of dollars less than the person that booked a suite during the height of pricing. Same room and amenities but 75% off.
  11. Thanks fingolf. I really appreciate you commenting on the facts that have been presented instead of making up what could have happened.
  12. Thanks hubohockey. I accept you apology and thanks for sharing.
  13. Yes hiccups, they are still selling suites and verahndas. It was never an issue of over-booking.
  14. Thanks Jimmy for all your input. I respect your opinion. I do regret putting "horrible cruise" in the headline. I was pretty frustrated at that point (I believe justifiably so) but still should have left that part out. However, I will say that Azamara was the one that gave me a deadline, not the other way around. They had already come up with their resolution which was to take the OV, pay more, or cancel my trip. When I told them I was not happy with those options, they said to me "if you don't pick an option by Tuesday, we will cancel your cruise" (that gave me about 4 days). That was it. Don't know how giving them more time at that point would have helped anything. Posting this when I did might be the only reason I do have more time for them to come to a resolution.
  15. Not to change the subject but RallyDave's experience is also pretty disturbing. Azamara can't always help if the itinerary changes but to offer a cruise 4 days and 3 ports less without any partial refund (not even to match the going rate) is a little disturbing. Yes, there is always 2 sides to the story, but based off of what Dave has shared I would say Azamara could have dealt with the situation better.
  16. No worries Eurocruiser, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too hope that Azamara honors what was promised and confirmed multiple times.
  17. Thank you for sharing Laurie, I hope that when this is all done I can start sharing more positive experiences as you have had.
  18. Wow. Great article. And it was picked up by fortune! Thank you for sharing Floris!
  19. Thank you for sharing Host Hattie. Seems like a few cruise lines have honored their "mistakes".
  20. Couple further questions to this whole saga: 1) When you buy tickets to a cruise, it says all legal disputes must go through arbitration. Do you still have to go through arbitration if they cancel? Are you still bound by it at that point? 2) Has anyone gone through arbitration? What was the process like? Not what I want to do. Would much rather come to an agreement with Azamara but wondering what this is like so I know my options. Note: I'm not trying to turn this into an argument of what the outcome would be. Just wondering specifically about the 2 questions above. I appreciate all the feedback and support to the thread thus far. Thank you everyone.
  21. Not yet. I spoke to management in the morning and they were supposed to call me back later in the day but never did.
  22. Thank you hun. I have gone on ellliot and emailed the contacts posted there. I appreciate your feedback and knowledge from a legal perspective.
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