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  1. Yep you were right. It went up to $500.
  2. Ok thanks for the thoughts. We have another option to stay at the beach that would be in our budget that we will probably just stick with. Just thought a cruise sounded like more fun!!
  3. We are looking at a specific cruise the first week of October from Mobile as a spontaneous getaway but we were hoping the price would go down some the closer we get to departure to stay in budget. Any chance it might go cheaper or being this close to departure will the price will stay the same?
  4. I was trying to get a cabana at Labadee for next April but they have been full since we booked or cruise ☹️ Hopeful I can find some shade somewhere and just relax for the day.
  5. Where did you snorkel? Did you do an excursion or from a beach?
  6. Looks like my big sale is $57 which is the original price it was when we booked before it went up. I was hoping for $47. That is what I feel would be a money saver for me.
  7. I wondered if they would be stuffy. Is Columbus Cove a good area for swimming?
  8. We wanted to get a cabana but they have been sold out since we booked. Is it worth getting a beach lounger for 2 at $50? For shade, place to put your stuff?
  9. What does the Black Friday sale typically look like? Is it usually an actual deal?
  10. I love this! I will be looking for things to give on my next cruise!! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Surprise gifts? What kind of gifts do you leave? I like getting people gifts!
  12. My problem with buying it is I only have a few drinks and might not get my moneys worth. My husband however would make up for that. He can put some beer away. Wish I could get it for him only.
  13. I bet that is what they are doing. Feel like you are getting a good deal. My Oasis in March has gone up to $65. I was hesitant at $55! Hopefully I can catch a big sale. Otherwise I guess I will just have to watch my budget on the boat☹️
  14. Everyone is mentioning checking their dining table. Is this something I should be doing? What are you looking for?
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