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  1. TA email this morning that our cancelled March and June2020 sailings monies have been successfully transferred to March and June 2021 sailings. For some reason they refunded deposits instead of applying ?? Now just have to hope all is clear with second wave. What happens with monies if covid still around next year without vaccine, will cruise lines allow the $7000 on each to be FCC again if we decide in Dec that March is too iffy? P.S. I guess we will just have to cross that bridge when we get to it.
  2. The only proposed sailings starting this summer are outside the US. Perhaps there is a possibility that all US home based cruise ships will have to be re-flagged as US, like the one Princess has for the Hawaii market. Either that or cruise from home based Caribbean ports instead of US ports. If re-flagged, the cruise lines will have more stringent laws to comply with. Maybe it would be cheaper in the long run to just acquiesce to CDC 'suggestion' in the no-sail-order of cruise industry providing itself with 3 vessels, one for quarantine, a second as a hospital, a third for hospital staff and transfer vessels between ships. They are probably 'crunching' the numbers still. Push will come to shove if and when the no-sail-order is extended. A game of 'chicken' since these are foreign flagged vessels. The US does not want a repeat of the cost and spread of contagion caused by the Diamond Princess. It wants that any plague will be contained out at sea and not brought back to the US, regardless of whose citizens are on board. P.S. US citizens "caveat emptor".
  3. Exactly what the no-sail-order is trying to accomplish. I think the cruise industry is pushing the can down the road in the hopes that the month of November will change the 'tide' for them.
  4. The US does not want a repeat of the Diamond Princess, etc where the onus has fallen on the US to pay and treat for future problems exacerbated by lax cruise ship protocols. The CDC 'suggestion' in the No-Sail-Order that the cruise lines create a future ship to act as a quarantine vessel, a second vessel as a hospital vessel, and a third ship to act as a home for doctors and nurses treating these cruise patients and additional transfer and support vessels; will turn from a 'suggestion' to a demand for the lifting of the no=sail-order to be lifted from US ports. Thus keeping any future cruise ship problems out at sea and not transmitted to US soil.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko3MhAXR0mE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2tufpumVafPYb2h1AYRdy8St0vcQO_sUpvKye7V47pmg-uCLJvhzZ6-9M Attachments area Preview YouTube video The United States BANNING Cruise Ships?
  6. I agree. however the problem is Genting very rarely sails and returns to the same US port.
  7. Excellent points. You would think that these cruise ships could find the time to deep clean their ships at the present moment. Reports today of crew still getting covid on board. I guess they feel the virus will not last on surfaces once the crew dies out, I mean leave the ships. Investigators did find Sars RNA in the carpet outside the Metropole hotel room of a Sars patient 3 months later. So much for deep cleaning. And no one still knows if this RNA could still be potent. Perhaps you are alluding to covid acting and thriving in air conditioning systems like 'legionaire's disease' ?
  8. Don't do it. Besides the motion, especially on a transatlantic crossing, you mentioned 'suite'. There is no way you will enjoy the balcony, you will be blown away when the ship is in motion. Some ships even remove the glass and replace it with bulk head so no view of the ocean in a seated or reclining position. Complete waste of money for a balcony suite. P.S. Also and this applies to cabins at the stern as well, you will have sunlight and no shade for the entire day. Though the stern on some ships provide a large overhang. Read cruise ship cabin reviews before booking.
  9. Of course, the UK Gov't would be aware and notified. You all were on a chartered, non commercial, regulated, monitored CDC approved transfer. Now what happened to all that left that flight, did they all self quarantine for another 14 days or as is being reported go to airports and take commercial flights and connections? Were these connecting flights warned? Were these jurisdictions apprised? How would the check-in airport personnel even know these passengers were CDC restricted, unless the crew member in passing opened up a 'can of worms' for themselves. And who would intentionally make life more difficult for themselves after the months trying to get off a ship. They would naturally keep their mouths shut and hope to slip by 'unnoticed'. Do you know of any passenger, not including Polyanna, who when asked at any port of embarkation, "Are you sick?" that would answer in the affirmative. All these actions will probably contribute to the forthcoming 'second wave'.
  10. DW had to build a house to handle the clothes she has. I wish they would fit in 8 bags. My clothes are relegated to the guest house.
  11. Dear C, I stopped eating any buffet, suite class or check in at terminal, at the pool, years ago. I trust the crew more than my fellow passengers etiquette.
  12. And my DW is 67 and a germaphobe to boot. All my life it is "wash your hands". She sprays alcohol all over the place. Bottoms of our shoes, cleans the cabin with nitrile gloves while I UV everything she has disinfected, every day after the steward has left. Have to wash my hands before 'I take a tissue to blow my nose. Still I get norovirus. But will she consider not cruising? Not a chance. She loves the suite life,'"La Dulce Vida".
  13. I would love to see waiters in face masks bring me my meal. I would hope that the kitchen staff as well were all in face masks. Gloves are useless if hand washings are not every change of task. I have hoped for these measures for years. I stopped eating with tablemates after having them cough in my face and plate numerous cruises. How many times do you have to get sick on a cruise or 5 days after, before you wise up ? Unfortunately, once a vaccine is developed it will be back to norovirus as usual and the inconsiderate cougher in the elevator without putting a hand over their mouth. It is not the cruise lines I hate as much as the inconsiderate passengers I have to contend with.
  14. Everything you stated is relevant. At this point in my life I have not got the luxury of time on my hands. I have money to burn as do most of us retirees that love to cruise. We want suites, good food, service with a smile. We do not want to contract any virus that will stop us from future (something to look forward to in life) cruises. You all have the luxury of more time. I am hopeful that this to shall pass, quickly. I do not wish this pandemic to be someone else's Renaissance (heirs).
  15. It is easy to explain. I am a suite cruiser, that does not care about ports. The more ports the better, to get the hoi-polloi off the ship so I can enjoy the ambience of a most empty ship. I tip cash profusely so that I get service. DW says it is because I love to here the words "Whatever you want Mr. Rat". Sometimes it is even "Sir Rat" ( though I would prefer "Lord Rat"). I am on vacation and this cruise in suite class is my "Westworld" without the bad parts.
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