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  1. Dear rollo, I think you forgot the hair braiding and the fish that nibble the dead skin from your feet.
  2. Dear rka, Reading your posts brings me back to nostalgic times, Home Lines , Atlantic, our favorite. I remember well the amphitheater at the Red Rock Hotel, in July, in the center of Australia. The temperature dropped so low at night at Ayers Rock that it put me off amphitheaters performances to this day. We tend to stay on board as well, on any night.
  3. The alcoves are a great idea for those who can not find a chair hogged lounge on sea days. When in port you have the run of the ship so why bother paying the charge? No need to book in advance an alcove in port, did not see many occupied on port days. Also if you do book in advance can you get your money back in the event of inclement weather?
  4. Dear kj, We stayed in Cabin S2 #2136. Great room, but never again! The noise from above can only be described as 'rolling thunder'. Wrote a note to myself for future bookings, Do Not Book Deck 12.
  5. Dear Ma, Thank you for all your posts on MSC. You and several others convinced us to try MSC. We loved the service on the Divina for Christmas last year in the Sophia Loren Suite. Which the CC failed to publish my review criticizing certain aspects of the cabin in particular. But the cruise did not stop us from booking this cruise and 7 more on MSC through March 2021, in the Yacht Club. MSC should give you a commission.
  6. Dear all, We will let you know on the Seaside this weekend July 20,2019. We are booked in the Yacht Club, and our first order of business will be to see the Maitre D and find out. We will report daily our observations. Please stay tuned.
  7. Dear, DWMC, I know you are a 'wild and crazy guy" just like me. But I do not think you would leave an empty drink anywhere. From your prior posts, I find you to be a quite decent chap. The cruising world could use more of your sort.
  8. Dear 124, Would you not think that all cruise lines would have gotten rid of 'wood' anything which is too difficult to disinfect?
  9. Dear 124, I am a naive cruiser. What is a drink board or flight? Maybe I should rephrase that , a naive drinker.
  10. Der Chill, Nothing was done to our cabin CS #1110 according to posters when I posted photos of cabin last month. I would imagine that any 'revolution' would or should occur from the top down. But what do I know. Nothing. Except that cabin #1667 balcony was hot,hot, hot most all the time on the cruise. No breeze, no shade. Will never book the cabin again. Will only book an aft cabin if the cabin has a deep balcony with great overhang, which #1667 did not have.
  11. Been in 1667. Like the size of cabin. Just enough room to dance. Soot no problem, just put down fresh pool towels on chairs and wipe off table before meals. Hard to enjoy nice balcony with the scorching summer Caribbean sun most of the time. Decided never to book cabin again, upgraded to CS mid-ship on Equinox for 2 future cruises.
  12. Dear Z , There is no corrective action report after 3/10/2019 in the link. Though I will acknowledge that on the 6-09-2019 sailing it was clean as a whistle, excepting for the constant, constant, constant, soiling of the ship by some of it's mostly low life guests. Absolutely no decorum. Please see photo of the podium at the closed Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville. This is typical of what one would find all over the ship.
  13. Dear CB, DW of mine pointed that out to me on the cruise, those iconic red bottom shoes. I, of course could not see even with my glasses on. Funny how women notice certain things that men could care less about.
  14. Dear GG, Are you not one of 'those' Pinnacles ?
  15. Dear Helen, Funny thing you bringing up MSC Yacht Club, we leave next week July 20, 2019 on the Seaside for the first time in the Yacht Club on your and others very complimentary postings on their Yacht Club. Thank you. I plan to post my observations in real time. Just signed up for a 20% discount for pre-booking 2 Premium internet packages for 4 devices each 6 GB for $127.90 each adult.
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