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  1. Someone said they opened a smoking area on deck 16 of the Encore!
  2. Great Review. I thought about switching ships, but we stuck with Encore. Sailing April 26th and as excited as ever.
  3. Can anyone confirm that the Escape still has the pool side smoking, and H20? I am considering rebooking my Encore cruise to go on the Escape.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4VKZqmIoEp/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Chandelier Video
  5. Yeah, that chandelier is pretty ugly in comparison to all others, and smaller? But I agree, the ship looks amazing.
  6. smoking area, no chairs, room for like 12 people. great. I don't understand how the cigar lounge is a beautiful place to sit and relax, with beautiful couches and decor, and the cigarette smokers can't even get a chair.
  7. Found these of the Encore Smoking Area in the Everything ENCORE thread. Tiny - no seating. Why does the cigar lounge get huge comfy couches and chair, and we don't even get a place to sit?
  8. Looking back at the deck plans screen shot on page 55 of this thread - we got back some deck space!
  9. Do not quote me and I do not want to say anything wrong here but ... Looking at the Encore deck plans, it looks like they modified them to take back some public deck space from vibe. *fingers crossed* check decks 19-20 https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/encore/deck-plans/the-haven
  10. this 'crowd' is a result of them only supplying a single smoking area for a potential 600 guests who smoke. The situation is crappy for smokers and non-smokers. I feel like there are many little unused areas on the ship that they could call small smoke areas so we could be more spread out.
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