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  1. We did not have any in a mini-suite room two years ago after the refurbishment. I'd guess it's not likely in other cabins.
  2. In my experience, the dining package entitles you to an entire meal at one of the specialty restaurants (per person) for the number of nights the package they've given you is for (7-day cruise gets 3 per person). App, Entree, and dessert. There may be up-charges on top of what the package gets you if the item you are ordering is a premium item, though my wife and I never ran into a case of this happening. There are some specialty restaurants that might also incur an up-charge (I believe Ocean Blue on the Breakaway is one of these).
  3. I couldn't remember which ship it was that I had accidentally found this little lounge while I was meandering around the ship early one morning. We found that it was rarely ever used and a nice little out of the way but still can see what's going on location. Good for a quiet morning cup of coffee.
  4. Been on the Dawn 3 times. Twice before drydock and once post. Really missed the Pearly Kings Pub that was replaced by the Cellar's wine bar. Pearly Kings was usually busy most evenings, but the wine bar was pretty empty all hours of the day. The Bliss Lounge (formerly the Spinnaker) we didn't mind the change much, as not much was modified. Spent many nights enjoying karaoke (though if I have to hear Santana/Rob Thomas - Smooth, one more time I may lose it). We got to a point the waiters knew our orders and would just keep the drinks coming all night. The removal of the Blue Lagoon (which was awful the first two trips) and replaced by O'Sheehans's was a very welcome change. Food at O'Sheehans was miles better. We never made it to Los Lobos Cantina, but did miss having two methods to get out of the back end of the Garden Cafe, even if one section did not get much use the first couple trips.
  5. I do remember their options were pretty good, including some frozen coffee beverages if so inclined (which we hadn't seen on Dawn on previous cruises, but that may have changed since then). I believe they used Lavazza branded coffee at the Atrium, which wasn't the greatest, but certainly was better than the coffee available up at the Garden Cafe.
  6. If I remember correctly (its been 3 years since I’ve been on the Breakaway) there is a speciality coffee shop located in the atrium just to the left of the bar. Just note that this is not a free amenity and does charge to your room account. However, I don’t remember the offerings they had unfortunately.
  7. Thank you for these scans of the dailies from the Gem to Bermuda out of Boston. My wife and I will be making this trip during the last week of August and we have not been on the Gem before, so having a general idea of happenings on this ship will be helpful in general planning! This will mark our 5th trip to Bermuda on NCL. 3 prior trips out of Boston on the Dawn, and one time out of NYC on the Breakaway. We find the smaller ships to be more comfortable and we're looking forward to the trip!
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