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  1. In drydock, I read that they changed the entrance to the imax from deck 8 to deck 7. Our cabin will be on deck 7 right by the elevators just forward of the theater. How late to they run shows? I imagine it could get noisy with folks walking to and from the theater.
  2. I realize this question isn’t about the funtimes, but cruise critic won’t let me post a new question even though I’m signed in! Does jubilee have any of those folded maps available? You could always pick them up at guest services (they’re about credit card size and folded about 6 times). I checked on paradise last November and they said they don’t carry those any longer, but I thought with jubilee being a new ship, there may be a chance they exist.
  3. I think Carnival stopped for a while because for a couple of cruises I had to go to the java cafe to pick them up every day. Last couple of cruises we got then every evening in our mailbox.
  4. I don't think the libraries are utilized as much as they used to be, but we still go there to play cards on rainy days or when we need to get out of the sun for a bit. And I have seen several groups playing games from some the of various games they have on the shelves in the library. Or if someone has to work (horrible as it may sound on vacation), that would be a great spot to do so.
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