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  1. There is a roll call here with only 3 people, (and also one on FB with more). We are on that cruise too with a group of 9. We are new cruisers, and we are looking forward to it.
  2. Thanks - this was my question too. I had heard about the $125 onboard credit for upgrading. However, I called NCL and she said she can't confirm that NCL does this, and it is not in the "terms and conditions". Glad to hear u can do it.
  3. Has anyone had experience getting 250 minutes as a perk and then upgrading to unlimited plan once you are on the ship?
  4. Is there usually madness around the buffet then? We are first time cruisers going in a couple of weeks, and really don't know.
  5. Thanks for this information. We are going on august 3rd with 3 families (many are newbies to cruising, including myself). This is very helpful.
  6. Thank you for the great information! Very helpful!
  7. Thanks for all the great feedback and tips. This cruise newbie is finding all of this very helpful.
  8. Beautiful ship, not too big and manageable. Great refurbishment.
  9. I've heard it works great! If you have 5 people, the extra person can take the NCL excursion, use the shore excursion credit and get a day pass, and then meet up with the rest of the group. However, if your group is late for any reason, only she will definitely be back on the ship because she is with the NCL excursion.
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