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  1. Possibly. But more likely would be the software keeps getting improved and/or the addition of a higher resolution photo taken a slightly different angle improved things.
  2. Didn’t realize that. Many people think the software uses the same cues humans use, for facial recognition, e.g. shape of mouth, color of hair, existence of facial hair, hair style, skin tone, dimples, freckles etc. all which change over time and are easily disguised, however, what the software uses is different cues. Most important is shape of ears.
  3. Actually it hasn’t. The software isn’t counting your winkles or checking if you have bags under your eyes. Key metrics are the shape if your ears and the distance between distinct points on your face. Eye to eye, Eye to mouth etc.
  4. True. But even at 50% a muster station would be too crowded to remain two meters apart. My point is if there is a drastic change to the muster drill under the pretense of Covid prevention, it should only be occurring if all of the other things necessary to prevent Covid spread is also occurring. Such as reducing capacity to the point that deck chairs are properly spaced, hall ways are one way, dining tables are properly spaced, etc. If capacity is dropped to the point that the ONLY thing that won’t work with the 6 feet protocols is a traditional muster drill then and only then should an alternate muster drill be considered. Otherwise the ship should simply not be allowed to sail.
  5. I would proffer that if the ship is running at less than 50% capacity to facilitate social distancing then using an alternative muster to limit crowding might be okay as it is easier to evacuate a half full ship. But if the ships are over 50% capacity then normal musters are in order.
  6. Call them and ask. Worst case they say no and you wasted some time on the phone. Also decent chance this cruise will be cancelled in the next few months.
  7. And they are managing it and containing thru contact tracing. Combined those countries had less new cases yesterday than we had deaths yesterday. We need a hard shut down until the virus declines to the point that contact tracing is feasible.
  8. We can't. But some very selfish people like yourself have needlessly prolonged this. China didn't shut down forever. Germany didn't shut down forever. South Korea didn't shut down forever. Nor New Zealand nor Australia nor any other country that got this under control. We didn't reopenned too soon. We need to shut down until we get it under control. The longer we remain in this half measure the longer it will take to eventually control this once we do take it seriously with even worse damage to the economy and even more funerals. Sadly, the process won't begin until January with a death count of around a half a million.
  9. The AI is better on average. Is there specific instances where the AI messed up and some humans wouldn’t? Absolutely, but that doesn’t mean that overall it isn’t better. Plus after each crash, engineers can improve the software so it doesn’t happen again. As for cruising while we need mask compliance we also need to eliminate unnecessary crowds. Cruises are the very definition of an unnecessary crowd.
  10. Humans do that too. If everyone drove a fully automous car crashes would go down they wouldn't be eliminated. Likewise if everyone socially distanced and wore masks and avoided crowds covid 19 would go down.
  11. Autonomous driving is where I thought we would be. Not perfect, but safer than human operators but blocked for mostly political reasons and a demand that it be 100% safe rather than just safer.
  12. That wasn’t developing a new vaccine, that was tweeking an existing vaccine. We do that every year.
  13. Keep in mind if we have a vaccine in mid - 2024 then Covid-19 will be the quickest developed vaccine in human history. The current record is five years.
  14. Along with not everyone know English as previously stated. The PA system is not always clear many times in my stateroom I hear enough to know an announcement was made but not what was said. As they say in the army "train as you fight" In schools they signal the beginning of a fire drill or shooter drill by sounding the appropriate alarm. That way everyone knows what each sound means. If everyone doesn't know the difference between the fire alarm and active shooter, kids might die - from exposing themselves to shooter or hiding in a closet during a fire.
  15. That absolutely should NOT be the goals of a muster drill. Any cruise line whose number one goal for a muster drill is not “Prepare the passengers and crew to safely evacuate the ship in an emergency “ should be banned. from operating. All other goals must be secondary to safety.
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