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  1. Air travel should only be when absolutely necessary. Sports and theater should be on hold until the virus is under control as well. Same with parades, concerts, festivals, etc.
  2. I am not a glass half full when it comes to this virus. I don’t know how long it will take to create a vaccine. But there shouldn’t be a single cruise until either we have a vaccine or herd immunity. If that means no cruises for 5 years, then so be it.
  3. How do you verify people pay attention during the muster drill or airline safety briefing now? You don’t. At some point people need to take responsibility for themselves.
  4. To add in support: There is no one flu virus, there is multiple flu stains. The flu vaccine works well against the strains that it is intended to fight. Problem is we can’t vaccinate against all of them and we often guess wrong as to what strains to pick. The problem of multiple strains doesn’t appear to be a problem with covid.
  5. Early on a friend of mine posted about the difficulties of home schooling math and science. She loves history but hates math, I now have an interest in history but hated it in school. My response to her: You as a student: When am I ever going to need to understand an exponential function in real life? Me: Why do I need to learn about some sick people during WWI? Both of us now: Oh......
  6. Yeah, but still when I sneezed the other day, I followed up by saying “seasonal allergies, get them every year at this time” to the person about 25 feet away who had a concerned glare.
  7. New normal: Rather than coughing to hide the sound of a fart, people fart to hide the sound of a cough.
  8. The muster drill is NOT the only time social distancing protocols are comprised. If a muster drill can’t safely be held in its current form, then it is too premature to begin cruising.
  9. If that was the case we would not have a pandemic. The reason we have this mess is the ease of spread by asymptotic people. It is rather easy to control a disease in which a symptomatic people are unlikely to spread the disease.
  10. It is not just perception but a mathematical fact. If 1 in 10,000 people have an undetected disease the chances of at least 1 person being infected on a ship of 5000 is appx 5x greater than on a ship of 1000. That changes if 1 in 100 have the disease as in that case both ship have over a 99% of having at least one case. But if we have that many cases, the ships aren’t sailing.
  11. Based on the data points shown on the graph there is a correlation between obesity and diabetes. It is not a linear function but the correlation is shown, and is also well documented in studies with vastly more data than the simple chart you misread.
  12. I think there has been a mindshift for many but not all in the last few weeks. I know of several people who a few months ago would have done the same thing but not now. And whose attitude about calling in sick from work was “take some cold medicine and suck it up” who now have an attitude of “stay home to avoid spreading to others” I think the number of people who would actively deceive a health check was never very large, but is smaller today.
  13. Why not do both? Full blown test within 3 day before boarding AND temperature check at boarding and every port call return. The temperature test will catch some but not all of those who got sick between the formal test and boarding.
  14. If Covid-19 is so widespread that 100 potential cruisers have the disease out of 3000 cruisers than we should not be cruising. Period. Full stop. No further discussion needed. That is about 50 times more active cases on a population basis than than the USA has currently. If the pandemic is 50x worse than today then we are on total lockdown. So lets be more realistic we get the disease down to a level where 1 in 6000 people have the disease (about a quarter the number we have now). So there is ~50% chance someone is booked on the cruise with Covid-19. This test has a 1/3 chance of lowering the number from 1 to 0. Is that perfect? No. Is that better than nothing? Yes. (Although not adequate for me to cruise).
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