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  1. How can I get a pdf of the latest spreadsheet so I can print it our for our trip on November 12th
  2. I understand that they will eliminate the gambling on the Quest. Can this be confirmed by someone? Azamura could not answer this question.
  3. My wife and I are interested in this cruise but the prices are a little too high for us. Any chance they will come down closer to the sail date?
  4. I am pleased at the responses to my original posting regarding connecting my iPad to the stateroom TV. It has enlarged the postings to a more important topic - that including much more than my little problem. Thank you for everyone who has expanded this to include other important considerations. I intend to take the recommendations of not only screen gem, but others as well Dean
  5. My thanks to screen-gem for his recommendations. I will look into this option . Hopefully, this iPad will also be appropriate for receiving emails. The link you send me appears that it does if it is set up right. Currently, I have been using "go to my pc" to hook up to my office computer and this has become impossible due to public computers locking out the software. BBMacLaird's recommendation on the use of the computers in the Card Room is appreciated, but they probably will have the same software that would prevent me from connecting to my office computer. iPad Pro looks like the solution. I will have my grandson instruct me on how best to transfer my data from my PC to the iPad. Thank you again to all who have responded to my inquiry.
  6. The only reason I wanted to hook up was to get a larger screen My notebook is only 6 inches. A 32 inch would be easier to read my spreadsheets that I am developing for our trip. I assumed that the monitor was a normal one with the usual connections. Apparently it was designed only for a single purpose. This is a good excuse to buy the new apple pro with a 15 inch screen. I am sure my wife will understand the reason why I have to spend the money. I can always tell her it is a requirement from the cruise line and since she was the one that wanted to go with Azamara. Hopefully, I will probably get by with it.
  7. Apparently BBBacLaird is from the cruise line and has asked us not to attempt to connect our devices to their TV. He did not say it was not possible - only do not try. I will accept his request but ask that Azamura look into this and come up with a solution to those guests that want to be able to connect.
  8. We will be on the 11/12 Azamura Quest cruise from Singapore to Dubai. Does anyone know if I will be able to connect to their stateroom TV's? I have a apple notebook or could take my apple pro if necessary. It would be nice to show my spreadsheets as well as movies on their larger TV screen. I called Azamura directly and they did not know,
  9. Thank you for your comment. I will ask the cruise line directly as well as ask on the main boards
  10. What type of connections are on the back of the cabin TV's ? I want to be able to view the spreadsheets and movies on the cabin TV by using my apple computer.
  11. Are passengers responsible to obtain visas for their port visits or does Azamura handle this?
  12. Phil, Thank you for your comment. Gaz1 The beer offered by Azamara for $15.95/day does not include any American craft beer. The only American beers are from Sam Adams Coors light and Miller light. Theses are not considered a craft beer by serious beer drinkers . Fifteen years ago, Premium beers were considered European brewed. Today that has changed. Cruise ships and Airlines have not adapted to this new reality.. Hopefully, Azamara (and others) will realize that they are behind the curve and update their selections to include some American and other countries newer additions to the market place. It looks as if I will be limiting my drinking to Newcastle draft. Dean
  13. Do we obtain visa for all of the countries we will be visiting. In my case, it includes Singapore, Sri Lanka, India , Oman and Dubai
  14. Phil is probably referring to me as I am the one who owns a brewery. Please re-read my comments. I will be thankful for what is offered as it is included in the price of the cruise. I was only attempting to add a little humor to the post.
  15. Apparently I am not the only one who is disappointed about the beer available. Sircook is right. Budweiser is not a craft beer. Neither are Becks or Newcastle. From what I have read from other passengers, the wines are basically table wines. And for the liquor drinkers - no single malt. I am the founder of a small brewery in Los Angeles, so am used to drinking excellent brews. I can bring my own flask of single malt scotch, but it would be difficult to bring a case of my own beer. Seriously, I am thankful for the free stuff. At least the Newcastle is on draft. My wife and I are on the 11/12/19 cruise from Singapore to Dubai
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