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  1. I'm on your cruise!! I have a simple costume planned and then I just bought a Halloween bathing suit. It's my favorite holiday and I'm so excited for the party!
  2. Thanks for the insight! I was wondering if Uber would be a comparable price to all these shuttles.
  3. Thanks for link! Yeah, I've been looking to stay closer to the port. Wasn't sure if anyone had any experience with finding a hotel out by the port that also had an airport shuttle.
  4. Sorry! This is my first cruise. Mariner of the Seas Flying into Orlando International Port Canaveral
  5. (If there is already a thread on this, please let me know) I will by flying in for my cruise. Does anyone have any recommendations of any hotels that would offer shuttle service from the airport and also to the cruise terminal? Or any recommendations for shuttle services that you like and are affordable. Thanks!
  6. I'm going to piggy back off this thread and ask a different question about Coco Cay. I know that if you have the drink package, it extends on to Coco Cay. Is there any food on Coco Cay that is included in your trip (not the dining package) or does it all have to be purchased?
  7. Thank you!! I haven't deep dived into the forums yet, so thank you for posting this.
  8. I love this!! I am so excited for this excursion. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely be getting those pictures!
  9. Thanks so much for the insight! Trying to gather as much information and get questions answered before we go.
  10. My boyfriend and I will be going on our first cruise in October and we have some excursions that we are planning on doing. If anyone has any insights on the following, I would greatly appreciate it! We are planning on doing a sea lion outing in Nassau. It says that the time of the excursion is 8:30am - does that mean we meet at 8:30 to get us there or have to be at the Blue Lagoon by 8:30? On the flip side we will be getting some floating mats and snorkel equipment on Coco Cay, which are both at your leisure activities. Can we pick those up at any time during the day or does it have to be at the time stated on the website when I book it? Thanks in advance!
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