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  1. Still looking to meet others on this trip! :)
  2. Lobo11

    Cost of air travel to get to Australia?

    Hello everyone, We paid 1500.pp from LAX to SYD, AUK to RAR (Rarotonga, Cook Islands for 5 days) then RAR to LAX. Our trip is for March/April 2008. All on Air New Zealand which I booked directly with the airline. Not bad huh! :D
  3. Hello all, I am travelling with my sister on this great trip! She will be attending a conference while on board so I thought I would see if any other like minded women and men also going on this cruise. Take care and see ya on board in Sydney!!! ;)
  4. Lobo11

    Priceline - Marriott Hotels Sydney

    Hello everyone! I have been following these boards for a long time although I seldom post as I am a bit shy! LOL I folled Ralphies advice and booded the Marriott in Sydney for April 2008. I got it for 157.00. I feel that price is great for 5 star and what the hey, It's a trip of a lifetime for my sister and I. Also got a 5 star in Auckland for one night after the cruise. Then we are off to the Cook Islands for 5 days befor returning home. Can't wait for April! Thanks everyone for all the great advice and networking. Lori and Gail:)