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  1. "Norwegian Air, JetBlue tie up to make transatlantic bookings simpler", this is a link to one of many articles out today: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-norwegianair-jetblue-airways-idUSKBN1WW1BX
  2. To fly Southwest to HNL from BWI you'd have to book it as an advanced search, multi-city trip (i.e. leg one from say BWI-OAK then leg two on the same day from OAK-HNL). To get back you'd have to book two separate tickets on the two different days, as mentioned above. Making it back all of the way in one booking would require a red-eye, not currently available on Southwest.
  3. We absolutely love Barcelona and plan to return next year on the tail end of a cruise. This year we were there for most of August with our two daughters and I shared some thoughts about security, transportation, food, etc. in this thread (with more about Barcelona in other threads): https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2694889-barcelona-alexandra-hotel-curio-by-hilton The wording in the State Department's "Safety and Security" > "Crime" subsection for Spain, to include the following, make sense to me, "In particular, Madrid and Barcelona report frequent pickpocketing and theft, as well as occasional violent attacks, some of which have required the victim to seek medical attention." Here is the State Department source page for reference and additional security information: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/International-Travel-Country-Information-Pages/Spain.html#/
  4. Sants is the name of the neighborhood so you'll find several businesses/locations with Sants in the name. Here is the Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sants We had an extended stay at The Bicycle Apartments in Sants this summer though you're probably better off with the Barcelo Sants for one night. It was about a 15 minute walk for us from our apartment to the Sants train station. A random fact is that MaTeS shoes are made in Sants, you'd never even know the store or the factory workshop were there unless you were looking. I'd never heard of them but found them as part of our exploration, the company has a great story, it's still owned by the founder's daughter.
  5. Thinking out loud, the airlines are always adjusting their schedules so I presume Southwest shifted the aircraft to a route they find more profitable to fly. They continue to ramp up service to Hawaii and the MAX grounding is impacting capacity -- I wasn't able to find when they stopped the nonstop service so I'm not able to guess as to whether or not either of those are contributing factors.
  6. This is the direct link for the page where Southwest posts the expected schedule release date. If the date changes you'll see the change on the page: https://www.southwest.com/air/flight-schedules/index.html For reference here is the link to the route search tool (click on "list view" then check the box for "Nonstop flights only"). When you select SEA as the departure city it shows nonstop service to DAL. Did they previously offer nonstop between SEA and AUS or HOU? https://www.southwest.com/flight/routemap_dyn.html
  7. https://www.aa.com/i18n/travel-info/baggage/carry-on-baggage.jsp
  8. Have you confirmed the hours for the rental car agency you plan to use? If I remember correctly then the Avis location we used closed at 4. Double check with them directly as I do remember that the hours they are staffed did not match the hours they showed on the web site.
  9. For reference here is the exact wording from the United "Flight Schedule Change Policicies" page, as referenced by @LoungingMcCoy in the original post: "If your scheduled departure or arrival time changes by 30 minutes or more, we're happy to try to find other available flight options that meet your needs."
  10. CruiseDigits


    +1. One additional note is that we were able to use our phone to make the credit card payments just about everywhere. We needed our physical credit card for train tickets and automated kiosks but the phone worked great at most stores and restuarants.
  11. CruiseDigits


    One data point: we too had leftover Euros on our most recent trip this summer so we waited to use the ATMs in town. We made three withdrawals over the course of almost a month, two of the machines we used charged a flat 5 Euro fee, one didn't charge anything. On a related note we have a Schwab account that refunds both U.S. and foreign ATM transaction fees, I'd be curious to know what other providers do the same for foreign ATM transaction fees.
  12. @ravenrob am I looking at the Royal Caribbean schedule correctly with a 5 a.m. arrival to Barcelona on debarkation day? If that's correct and you don't have any special needs or situations then I don't have any immediate red flags. When we left Barcelona earlier this month with a late afternoon departure the airline sent us notifications of a scheduled security strike so we were warned about potential delays but it was for naught as we really didn't have any meaningful lines at security or passport control. One additional thought is that I hope you have time in Barcelona before the cruise to explore the city if you are heading straight to the airport after the cruise!
  13. Here's a direct quote from August 15, 2019 from The Points Guy, full link to the source web page is here: "JetBlue always releases its schedule on Sundays at noon EST. Usually on the Friday beforehand, the airline will open up its schedule to those booking a JetBlue Vacations package. Even if you are not interested in booking a flight and hotel package, it is good to keep an eye on that particular announcement as it will give you a heads-up the schedule will be released in just a few days. It will also allow you to search route availability ahead of time and figure out your ideal flight date and time."
  14. You should go check it out! I agree with the "real" market comment, similar ones are found throughout Barcelona. Think of it as kind of like a mall in that it's a collection of stores but it's filled with small vendors selling seafood, ham, fruits, vegetables, etc. This link should load several pictures.
  15. I don't think there is a published schedule. As mentioned on this third party page, "The cruise port shuttle bus co-ordinates its schedule and frequency depending on the arrival and departures of the cruises. Therefore the cruise shuttle bus service is not a regular scheduled bus service but one that only runs based on demand." Two additional "official" resources that include visuals/maps of the port: http://www.portdebarcelona.cat/en/web/port-del-ciudada/cruceros --> Note the linked .pdf map in this link on that page. https://www.tmb.cat/en/visit-barcelona/public-transport/from-port
  16. @kelsjoy1977 I'm curious what you decided to do!
  17. Hopefully you already found your answers but if not then hopefully the following information helps! It looks like some tickets are still for sale to visit La Sagrada Familia on Saturday, the 12th of October, you can buy tickets online and I recommend buying them as soon as possible: https://sagradafamilia.org/en/tickets We were there for most of August this year when it seems like everyone is away on holiday. Our experience was that many of the shops and stores were closed but there were still many open and available. For example there was a car dealership down the street from where we were staying but we didn't know until they returned from holiday and rolled up the security barrier! I'd expect the tourist attractions to be open and to have tours available. If there is a specific attraction you'd like to see you should be able to check online to confirm availability.
  18. Scrolled through our Barcelona pictures and found these two with taxis. Larger taxis are available though most are the size pictured:
  19. We haven't stayed there though we've stayed in the El Poble Sec and the Sants neighborhoods for extended periods, which are further away from the more traditional tourist areas. Cabs are plentiful and we feel like the public transportation is reliable, though usually crowded. There are things to do literally all over Barcelona and the neighboring towns so anywhere you stay you'll probably have some sort of transit time. How long are you there and what are you planning to do? Looking at the map of the Corner Hotel, Casa Battlo looks like it's just over half a mile away and Placa Catalunya looks like it's just under a mile away. Barcelona is one of our favorite cities!
  20. The street name is Carrer de Blai, it's in the El Poble Sec neighborhood. Here's a screen shot of the map search:
  21. Tapas in the sense that it's a small portion of food, yes.
  22. As far as pickpocketing, I don't know if it's worse or better than the past. We've been to Barcelona three times now -- about nine years ago, two years ago, and then last month. We've always exercised the same vigilance and never personally had any problems.
  23. Here's a short article on pintxos, though the description of "tapas on bread" doesn't do it justice: https://www.timeout.com/barcelona/food-and-drink/pintxos-in-barcelona In the El Poble Sec there are several restuarants all along the street with the food at the ready. You grab a table, a plate, order a drink, and pick what you want to eat. When you've had enough to eat they count the toothpicks and you pay your bill. We usually stop at several different restaurants as they all have different specialties and variations. Delicious. Here are a couple of pictures we took:
  24. We didn't know about them until we were there but there are short trails near the piers too. We had some time to explore before we had to board the ship and enjoyed taking the opportunity.
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