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  1. Conversation?? What is that? Seems like conversation and writing are things of the past. No one talks any more they just sit at the table and text. Sorry...just showing my age. I remember going without TV, ATM's, cel phones etc...amazing how we ever got to where we are. OMG how did we ever travel before? Charles
  2. We have been complaining about this for some time. X is just looking for a younger market and ignoring those of us with more disposal income.
  3. Very surprised to hear your plight. We are booked on the March 3rd cruise and had no problem booking the times and restaurants that we wanted for the entire cruise. Charles
  4. Those tables do appear to be awfully close. Charles
  5. Overall Class is out Contemporary is in. Oh well, to each his own.
  6. NO. I have yet to cruise her but I am disappointed in my view of the virtual cabins. I wish I had had the fore site to book an FV and therefore be able to enjoy my veranda.....which I am going to sorely miss. In the future I will stick to the M & S class because I enjoy sitting outside and not inside with an outside view. Yes, there are many plus' to the Edge but the extra cost and lack of a balcony are my determining factors. Charles
  7. I could not agree more. I have been looking forward to the completion of the Edge for some time now and I must say that some of the elements appear to be most disappointing. I will however keep and open mind till our March voyage. It appears however, that this is definitely not the Celebrity that we have known over the years. Charles
  8. Could be a solo cabin which would certainly explain the space and I hope this is so if not forget the table there is not enough room for a second chair and you think "it could be tight"???
  9. That picture looks like there is barely enough room for one......not sure I'm going to like this infinity stuff. The more I read and see the less I like. I am a traditionalist and not sure this contemporary look is for me. I am booked early March and will be curious to see if my opinions deserve merit....so yes, I will go with and open mind but..... Charles
  10. I kinda like it although I'm not sure I like the bow of the ship....just looks blah...like some one cut off its nose. Charles
  11. Enough Already. Not everyone has the luxury of having a suite in fact it is a small percentage of those onboard. Charles
  12. We're with some of you. Loud music, Cirque type entertainment, adventurous eating and the like may be for others but not us. We seem to be entering a really different Celebrity....why not leave this to Royal and Carnival....is it really necessary for X? I certainly am curious about the remainder of the ship but am wondering if this is a mistake. For us at any rate I think M and S class fit us. Charles
  13. Wishful dreaming. The perks have always been the same for we Elites and see no reason why they would change. Charles
  14. I must say and I tend to agree.....my first may be my last on the Edge........just too much as RCI is just too much Vegas. Do not need that while cruising as I can get that hype elsewhere.
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