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  1. Home Departure City - Colorado Springs Arrival/Destination City - Vancouver Airline(s) used - Delta/West Jet Number of Connections - 2 Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 8:30am MST/4pmPST Departure City - Los Angeles Destination City - Colorado Springs Airline(s) used - United Number of Connections - direct Return Flight departure/arrival time 6:35pm PST / 10pm MST (flight was delayed 1.5 hours by United) Deviation: Paid $25 each for 3 people to fly in a day early. DId not use any transfers but did book an excursion on debarkation day that ended at LAX How many days out when you were ticketed- 31days out (booked cruise at 42 days out)
  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad time. We were on that exact cruise and had a wonderful time. If you are having an issue, the best time to complain is when the issue is happening. The crew will most definitely try to fix the issue and continue to check in with you the entire cruise to make sure everything is ok. Unfortunately, not much can be resolved after the fact.
  3. A couple of things not mentioned - Free/reduced airfare: Read and reread the terms & conditions, you are only guaranteed that people on the same reservation (i.e. in the same cabin) will be on the same flight. Therefore, if you have 4 cabins, you may have people on 4 different flights. Transfers w/ fees will be automatically added. but you can ask for them to be removed. You can pay $25 per person to go in a day or 2 early, so you don't have to worry about flying on the day of embarkation, but you will be responsible for your transfer to the ship. Once you have been notified of your flights, you can go to the airline's website to choose your seats. You will be ticketed economy, so it may cost more to choose a seat, if you choose not to pay extra the airline will assign you a seat, and it is not guaranteed that you will sit with your travel partner. If none of the above bother you, the free/reduced airfare may be for you. We saved about $700 using this perk. Drink Package: With getting the PBP ( https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-beverage-package-2019.pdf) free and just paying gratuities that equates to ~ $20 per person/per day. This covers drinks under $15, wines, beer, soda, and juices. The soda package will be ~$9.50 per person/per day. If you think you might have a couple of glasses of juice, or a couple of drinks (they have GOOOOOOD drinks), this perk is worth it. If you don't do soda or juice, skip this perk. Coffee, tea, iced tea, lemonade and flavored water are available for free with juice at breakfast. Specialty Dining: Some people swear by it. It comes with the take all perks (again you'll prepay the grats,) when you book a balcony, but you don't have to take it. NCL has a variety of dining rooms and restaurants, so it's not necessary. Destination: ALASKA!!! There are things there that EVERYONE (including the youngsters) will enjoy. The scenery, wildlife and excursions are all spectacular! Think trains, whale watching, glaciers, gold panning, dog sleds.... The boys: 1.) which ships are you looking at? The larger ships are going to have all the bells and whistles - think ropes/climbing walls, laser tag, race tracks, etc... The smaller ships will still have a pool, but not all the other fun stuff. 2.) Both ships will have a kids club for the younger boys. While I don't have kids, I did run into a couple of the clubs several times on the Jewel on my last cruise, and the littles (5) and the tweens all seemed to be having a great time with each other and the club staff. One last thing to consider for NCL: Freestyle!! Dine when you want, where you want, with whom you want, and wearing what you want! My dad (73) loved that he could wear his jeans and a polo shirt or a sweatshirt for every meal. It also makes packing a whole lot lighter when you don't have to bring extra clothes for dinner. In fact, my dad loved his cruise so much that we're going back next week and taking mom with us!
  4. It may be in the specialty coffee bar, but it's not readily available on the ship. NCL uses Lipton, so you'll get black, peppermint, decaf, and possibly and orange or chamomile (if you ask and they haven't run out.) I'll be taking some tea with me (actually, I"m looking forward to picking up some new flavors in Victoria) next week.
  5. Have one coming up next week. Paid $25 to go in a day early, (fee can be waived if we stayed at their hotel, but it was at airport and we wanted to be downtown.) Notified of flights at 31 days out. Colorado Springs to Salt Lake (1 hour layover) to Calgary (2 hour layover) to Vancouver on Delta and WestJet. Not thrilled with 2 stops, but since COS is a smaller airport it's not unexpected, and we'd prefer the layovers to having to fly from Denver. Home is a direct flight from LAX to COS on United leaving at 6:30pm, so we opted to do an excursion in LA that day. We're not sitting together on the plane, but we don't really care since we'll be watching a movie or reading. I was able to go into some of the flights to pick seats, but some of them required us to pay to choose seats (we're cheap - as long as we have a seat, we don't care!) We're happy and feel like the flights were just as good as any we could have booked ourselves, and using the reduced airfare saved us around $700. More than that, we're tickled pink that we don't have to go to Denver, and we're on VACATION!! 🍹🍹
  6. You do you. If you wish to send a token of appreciation, do it! Some people just like being nice to others. Just beware that NCL may limit the $$ amount of a monetary gift. I've worked for several companies that didn't allow me to accept a gift worth over $50 in value.
  7. Did Seward to Vancouver end of May this year. We flew in a few days early, spent a day driving around Anchorage to see a few moose (with babies), took the Kenai Fjord Tours out of Seward to see otters, puffins, seals (with babies, ) Sea lions, dall's porpoises, orca's (with babies,) and humpbacks (with babies.) Eagles were everywhere and we saw whales while docked at Icy Straight. No bears for us (tho people on the Skagway train saw them on that trip), and too early for the salmon to be running. We were also too early to see the Beluga Whales off the Seward Highway. August may be the ideal time to see the most of everything, but you'll also see a LOT of people during that time.
  8. Depending on how close the cruise is, some of them have been offering OBC as an incentive for booking.
  9. Ooohh... new cruise director since June. We had Jake.
  10. My dad and I did the southbound from Seward in May. I highly recommend Kenai Fjord Tours. We did the full day with dinner at Fox Island and loved every minute of it - even in the cold, pouring rain! We saw tons of wildlife and got to within about 1/4 mile of the Aialik Glacier. The crew was fabulous about giving extra info. We also book a private halibut fishing tour with Captain John and Current Affairs Charters. He was fantastic with giving us information about the bay, all the islands, and pointing out relics leftover from WWII. We were able to very quickly catch two halibut before we all got seasick and had to head back in. He did take us by places that the glacier cruise didn't go to the day before and did offer to go find some whales, but that that point we just wanted land. ha!
  11. early to mid october if you want to see the best colors.
  12. We checked into and off of the ship with open bags of nuts, cheese, bars and apples in our backpacks with no problems. We also brought candy from ports back onto the ship in our jacket pockets with no issues in May.
  13. I'm looking at this cruise as well. Did the Jewel for Alaska Southbound in May and LOVED her and her crew. Prices for this ship look pretty comparable to the Joy and are actually a little lower compared to the Bliss' Pacific Coastal itinerary. The Jewel is going to be a much smaller ship than the other two and it's quite a bit older. If you like the larger ships with all the newest activities, you may not like the Jewel. We flew home from Vancouver on WestJet and were very happy with them.
  14. I'm guessing this is going to be a tough one for them. They have a strawberry mix, but I never saw berries or basil for garnish. That said, it never hurts to ask. I feel like your best bet would be The Great Outdoors or The Spinnaker.
  15. Bailey's is not a premium liquor, so you should be good with that. Chambord is tho, so no Chambord in your hot cocoa. 😞
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