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  1. Just to follow up, as LHT28 and KS&JW said, there was a DVD player built into the TV. It worked with our Region 2 DVDs. Wish we'd brought some Blu-Rays! Also, our butler said he could bring a standalone DVD player that would plug into the TV, if we needed it. There is also a pretty extensive DVD library aboard, according to a list we found in the Executive Lounge, as well as the limited streaming menu available. We watched only two movies, as it turned out--no time! Here is a photo of the DVD player part of the TV, for reference:
  2. Oh, thank you! And it’s Region 1 (US)?
  3. Can anyone confirm whether or not there are DVD players in the staterooms on Marina, and if so, which region(s)? I saw a reference to them recently but can’t locate it again. The brochure doesn’t mention them and I know there are streaming services, so I’m guessing no.
  4. FWIW, I have not been successful in searching before I post a question. Usually I get no results for the topic even though I suspect there are existing threads.
  5. Thanks, all! This board is so helpful!
  6. Is the Captain's cocktail party for everyone, or just for previous Oceania cruisers? Is it very dressy?
  7. What a great idea!
  8. Yes, I noted that, thanks!
  9. Ooh, thanks, very helpful!
  10. Maybe I've been watching too many old movies, but is it possible to have flowers delivered to a stateroom on the Marina?
  11. Thanks very much, and sorry for the late response!
  12. Thanks, all, and thanks for the link to the other discussion. It's far from clear, but I guess if we have the car come at 9:30, that should be OK? The ship goes to a UK port before Southampton, though it does stop in Ireland before that. Luckily we don't have to worry about getting to an airport; we're just going to London.
  13. Apologies if this has been asked before (I'm sure it has!) but I wasn't able to find it. I am trying to arrange car service from Southampton to London. The ship (Marina) docks at 6 am. Some of us are in PH2 on deck 11 and some in veranda staterooms on deck 7. Does anyone have an idea of what time we would all be ready to get into a van? I'm not sure how long it takes to get off the ship, etc. Is there a place to wait (since I'm guessing the deck 11 people will be getting off first)?
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