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  1. Thanks! We're staying in Isla Verde (maybe I'm not spelling that right) the first night at Courtyard by Marriott, so we'll be close to the Pan Am pier. The last night we stay closer to OSJ. Can't wait!
  2. Thank you! We get in about 1 PM the day before the cruise, so we plan to enjoy SJ the day/night before. Upon return, we're staying in OSJ, where we'll have a full day and a half plus one night, before our flight home. We're excited to explore! No helicopter 🙂, but I get more concerned about safety when not traveling w/ my husband or adult sons. We're so looking forward to this trip together!
  3. Thank you! Flight is booked. We get in early afternoon, the day before the cruise. We also have all day and an extra night in OSJ to "recover" when we return 🙂
  4. Great tips, thank you! Is there a way to check your account every couple days, so there's not a huge "surprise" at the end of the trip?
  5. Thanks. I don't know why anyone steals, but they do, so I don't leave belongings unattended. I've had things stolen right out of my purse. My husband once had his phone lifted off his belt and never even felt it. We'd been in the country under an hour. Neither were on a tour, but once you've had that violation, it makes you more concerned. I was planning to bring my phone to check email at port. I'm not buying a package online, and I need to check email once daily. Is there a way to do that on the ship, if I don't buy the wifi package? I'd love to leave my phone behind, and would definitely use a camera instead.
  6. Thank you for this! I have a friend who had things stolen while they were in the water. Some guys took from several people. I've not been to these particular islands, so that's the only knowledge I had. I assumed I'd want to bring my phone to check email in port. I won't be making calls. Is there a way to do that from the ship w/o buying a package? I'm only sailing w/ one of my young adult kids. I have three others and a husband staying home, so I'll want to have a way to receive emails in case of emergencies.
  7. thank you! Does your $100/day cover the tips too? How much do you tip a tour guide or driver? I think I'm confused. Don't I print my sail card at home? Or is that just a ticket to get onto the ship? I thought I was told to print that at home during check-in, but maybe that's something else. That's why I didn't think it could get wet lol. What do you do about your phone when you go into the water? I looked into the waterproof cases (which still make me nervous), but I have an otterbox case on an 8+ and the I can't find one that doesn't say "not recommended for otterbox cases". I likely won't get in the water much, except maybe wading. I don't like the ocean. I'm trying hard to muster up the strength to snorkel w/ the turtles, but I'll likely stay on the boat, and this all may be a mute point. BUT if I can/do, I don't wanna leave our phone on the boat w/ the crew, in my backpack.
  8. thank you! Maybe I misunderstood, but I was pretty sure I read 2 bottles per stateroom. We're on RCI. I'll double check that.
  9. First cruise upcoming and have no clue about some things. Would love to know your thoughts on: 1. How much cash to bring. I'm traveling with my almost 21 yr old daughter. She can't drink on the ship, so I won't drink much on board either. I didn't buy a drink package. I'll bring 2 bottles of wine and will prob. have 1-2 mixed drinks/night. We will both be drinking on the islands (St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, St Maarten, + 2 nights in San Juan). For safety sake, we won't drink heavily, but will have fun. No clue how much drinks are in ports. We have excursions booked every port but one. I paid a deposit and assume I pay remainder in full, so that's easy. But how much extra (in addition to some drinks each) should we bring? Shopping - are items inexpensive or pricey? Not looking for fine jewelry but locally made pottery, etc. We're not cheap, nor will we go crazy. We mostly want to experience the culture. 2. Do you take a credit or debit card? What if you underestimate and can't get a taxi back to ship? 3. What do you do with your cash while in port? We have a dolphin swim and a turtle swim. I don't wanna leave my $ in a backpack on the boat - and what about your Sail card? I can just see us losing stuff and not getting back on the boat lol. Any other pointers you have regarding $ would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I did read that, thank you for pointing this out though.
  11. Thank you! This is so helpful. My husband told me to take a taxi! I was only nervous about it b/c I'm traveling with my daughter. No one will want me lol
  12. Thank you! Yes, I worry about possible delays with that particular flight. I'm looking at other options, but it may be cheaper to take that flight (if it's safe), and stay an extra night in a hotel. I can get that flight round trip for $299 per person, which is a great price! I was more concerned about transferring to hotel in the middle of the night (safety).
  13. Hello, I'm need some info, please, and have several questions. We're sailing out of San Juan, flying in the night before. I'm a woman traveling w/ my beautiful, young adult daughter. Being that my husband or other adult children aren't with us, safety is a concern. The cheapest flight gets into San Juan at 2:31 AM. Normally, I'd consider that, but how safe is traveling from airport to hotel at that time, when few people are probably out on the streets? What about 9:59 PM? Even that could get late, esp. if there are delays. Which port does RCI sail from, and do you have a hotel recommendation nearby? We love to experience local culture, so I'm fine with an older, inexpensive place, but safety is highest priority/concern. What about transfers? What's safest way to get from airport to hotel, and then to port the next day? I'm looking at flights to return. I read that our ship returns to San Juan at 6 AM. What would be the earliest time I should reasonably book a return flight? I think there was one at 11 AM. Would that work? I may also get another hotel room that night instead, and experience San Juan. Our itinerary includes: St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Antigua, Barbados, & St. Lucia. What can you tell me about safety on each of these islands? We're booking excursions mostly through shoreexcursioner.com and one through shorefox.com. Even if it's just a ride to the beach, I felt a bit safer paying more to have it planned ahead, then to pick a random taxi. Agree? If we decide to do something else, once we've arrived to a beach, how safe is it to take taxis on these islands? W plan to do a lot of shopping/beach, but I did add in an excursion to the mud baths, volcano, etc. (St. Lucia?), a cave and turtle swim in Barbados, and a couple other things. Thanks! 🙂
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