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  1. So, arriving between 2:30-3:00 sounds like a good time. I can check with the hotel to see if I can get a late checkout. I was reading reviews on Yelp stating some people have gotten their room checkout time extended to 2PM, but others couldn't get anything later than a 1PM checkout. I'll still see if I can get a shuttle to downtown in the morning to do a some sightseeing, return to the hotel to pick up the bags and then get another shuttle to the cruise port instead of just sitting in the room until 1 or 2.
  2. I just realized that hotel has a shuttle that can take me to the cruise terminal so I won't need a taxi or a public transportation. Unfortunately, it isn't downtown. So, maybe I can check out around 9am leaving the bags at the desk, take a shuttle to downtown for a few hours, take a shuttle back to the hotel to pick up the bags and then take another shuttle than gets to the cruise terminal around 3 PM;
  3. I'm thinking about arriving at the Seattle port late to avoid ultra-long lines, but hotel checkout time is 12PM. I can take my time getting to the port by taking public transit instead of a taxi, but I would still probably still arrive before 1PM even by bus. If I took a cab, I'd be there before 12:30. I could leave the hotel early and get to the terminal at 11:00 AM so I'll be closer to the front of the line, but then I would still end up waiting around for the line to start moving. What's the best use of time between hotel checkout and boarding to minimize time standing in lines?
  4. Yes, there is no point in trying to activate it before the cruise since you wouldn't be able to sign into the wifi portal unless you were on the ship within range of the wireless signal. I just want to be able to start using it as soon as I'm on board without wasting time waiting in any lines.
  5. Do you still enter the Seapass card number even if your internet package was prepaid? Do you get your Seapass number online before boarding or do you have to wait in another line to get that? So, can you open a browser on your device as soon as you are in range of the ship's wifi, enter your Seapass account number, select the prepaid package, create your password and then start using the internet all on your own without standing in any lines to get assistance?
  6. If you prepay for the internet package before the cruise starts, do they email you instructions on how to get connected before the cruise starts when you do online check-in? If not, how do you get your account info?
  7. I found it on the Celebrity site. $7 per item for long sleeve shirts and for pants. So, I can wash 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants for $42. I’ll be better off just paying per item than waiting to see if they offer the $49 special. T-shirts, socks and underwear take up the least amount of space in the bag anyway, so I may be able to stuff 7 days worth into the bag. Or I can bring old ones and throw them out rather than paying $3 per item wash rates for socks
  8. I could probably wash socks and underwear in the sink. Even normal non quick dry socks, T-shirt’s and underwear should dry within 24 hours if they won’t dry overnight. So, I could just have 3 shirts and a pair of slacks and/or jeans washed midway through the cruise. Should this cost less than $49?
  9. Isn’t it cruise specific and not ship specific? I thought they only offer it when the cruise is longer than 7 days.
  10. This is my first cruise. It seems like I cannot rely on the stuff the bag challenge being available. Maybe they’ll have it and maybe they won’t and there’s no guarantee that it will be offered on a specific day. What at are the per item laundry rates?
  11. I’m trying to travel with only a carry on. I don’t think I can fit 7 days worth of clothes into a carry-on. I will have 8 days of clothes including the travel day before the cruise starts. So, I want to travel with 5 days worth of clothes and then do laundry on the 4th day of the trip (3rd day of cruise) and then rewear those clothes for the last days of the trip. Is the flat rate bag of laundry available on the 7 day Alaska cruise? If so, is it available any day you want or only on a specific set day?
  12. Celebrity doesn't have self laundry available. I read that they offer an all you can stuff into a paper bag laundry special for $50, but it's hot wash and hot dry, so you must have clothes that can stand up to that without shrinkage. Some posts say the flat rate bag of laundry is only available on Celebrity cruises that are over 7 days. The cruise I am going on is exactly 7 days, not OVER 7 days, so I'm not sure it will be available.
  13. If calories were the #1 priority, I wouldn't go on a cruise at all. I just don't want to "waste" calories on things that aren't very good. The dessert calories need to be "worth it" which is not the same as just completely avoiding desserts.
  14. Stop trying to read more into this than there is and inserting incendiary characterizations. "Tight fisted cheapskate." If I wanted to "stiff" the crew, I would not prepay and I would remove the per-day autogratuities and still not tip anyone with cash. Get over yourself! I was clear that I wanted to just prepay with gratuities to "build it into the fare" and get it over with it so I didn't have to deal with it again. If OBC can be used towards room service tips, then I would also use that rather than spend it on things I don't really want or have it just wasted and lost at the end of the cruise. It will be unlikely that I will ever take another cruise after this one to make use of any unused OBC later.
  15. Yes, any taste is subjective, but there is a way you expect certain things to taste. There was a post stating the free cheesecake was lower quality than a Jello No Bake version and that many desserts used gelatin as a filler to make them look good, but made the item taste bland and cheap. Looks fancy, but tastes like packaged sweets from a Dollar Store.
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