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  1. It’s just assuming and wishful thinking though. There needs to some confirmation that every port can’t just change their minds about docking while cruises are underway. Hope and assumptions are not enough. People who hopped on cruise ships in March hoped and assumed that the worse case scenario was that they would have to stay in their cabins for a few extra days if the ship was quarantined. They assumed the ship wouldn’t sail if there was any significant risk. Some were even bragging about how much sick leave they had and that their bosses were OK with them extending their vacati
  2. Natural disaster at a one port isn’t comparable to multiple preplanned ports reneging on allowing docking because of reported ill passengers or even with no reported illness and they are just scared that ill passengers were missed or they suspect the cruise line is straight out lying.
  3. True, but there has never been an issue of every port saying “go somewhere else” for days or weeks sending the ship thousands of miles out of its planned route. I haven’t seen that this issue is solved
  4. The issue is some of the ships had people with COVID symptoms and the ports didn’t want to let the ship dock for that reason. There is no guarantee that when ships start sailing again that there will never be another passenger that has symptoms or tests positive onboard. There has to be port cities on the ship’s itinerary that are legally committed to allow docking regardless of whether or not symptomatic passengers are reported to be onboard.
  5. I posted yesterday asking why people don’t wait until ports commit to allowing cruise ships to dock before rebooking. If you get on a ship and can’t get off because the ports decide to keep denying entry like they have been doing, nothing was accomplished. Why was the post removed?
  6. Couldn’t a cruise also originate in Mexico and go to Alaska with a few US stops in between?
  7. Doesn’t have to be Canada. A cruise could go from Long Beach or San Diego to Mexico and then on to Alaska.
  8. Some people are very eager to take cruises at the very first opportunity no matter what. If the cruise ban is lifted and nothing changes with the spread of the pandemic, they will still go.
  9. Really, so what? They will have to reduce the amount of passengers and increase serving staff. They will need to increase charges to pay for it. Fewer people will cruise at increased costs. The cruise line will have to figure out the logistics of serving people and not cut corners for convenience while there is no vaccine nor reliable and effective treatment for a very contagious and often deadly disease. There are more important things than cruising at all much less eating at a buffet on a cruise in the most convenient way possible.
  10. There will be be many diehard cruisers that will be easily swayed into taking the the first available cruises so they can take advantage of any deals and to avoid fears of their FCC expiring. The same types who were not planning on canceling cruises they booked in mid March will be on the first available post-suspension cruises.
  11. What is the likelihood that one or multiple of these ships will be in the news in the coming days with some debacle related to being denied the ability to dock or having some post-disembarkation scandal involving symptomatic passengers being released without testing or without waiting for the test results to be come back? Can this really happen again or has everyone learned their lessons by now?
  12. Some people get it and it’s so mild to them that they never show symptoms. They can still transmit it to others who won’t be as lucky even when asymptomatic.
  13. The general population didn’t just hop off a cruise ship with known infected passengers and then congregate together on a flight where social distancing isn’t possible. Not the same as stepping outside my house.
  14. No. The HAL passengers are more likely to be infected than the general population. Its isn’t just about the cabin crew. The other passengers sitting around them don’t want unnecessary additional risk. I can see people suing if they found out after the fact that the airline seated HAL passengers around them who were known to have been in contact with infected passengers. Worse than just suing would be actually getting infected like people who interacted with Ruby Princess passengers let out to travel commercially in Australia.
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