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  1. Yes, it really sounds like you need access to laundry services! What a wonderful trip you have planned! We will look into some sort of package and share asap. Have fun!
  2. Thank you, we are very much on that path. We have dramatically reduced the use of single use plastics onboard all of our ships. Including on the recently launched Celebrity Flora which has refillable water stations in each stateroom. We have refillable water stations across our fleet!
  3. Any guest who may be affected will be contacted directly. There is not a site dedicated to updates on the itineraries as we are currently participating in the regulatory process.
  4. Thank you, MamaFej, there is nothing better than exploring a new destination and culture.
  5. Hello again, We have an entire OneTouch team dedicated to answering guest questions and taking feedback. They are an incredible group of individuals and I'm sure many of you have had the good fortune to speak with one of them. I will pass along your comment and see if we might have someone available to engage with CC. In addition, I was happy to be here on CC today and answer your questions directly. It was another great opportunity to connect directly with all of you. Thank you again!
  6. Hi Nicole & Pete, What nice comments to receive, thank you so much for being such fans! I understand how getting to know others onboard is such a draw to the dining experience. In terms of those at the table booking specialty dining, we strongly encourage guests to let their maitre 'd in main dining know so that they can pass the information along to the other guests at the table. If you'd prefer, on those evenings that you may feel the table feels quiet, you may want to request to move to a table with more interaction. Our guests love the specialty dining choices onboard, and we hope that you do too! I will still pass along your comment as we are always looking for better ways to communicate onboard. Thank you!
  7. Hi Orville, The 22% means across the bridges of our entire fleet. The % of women that are onboard each ship in its entirety varies greatly by contract. We are proud to say that we've gone from 0 to 5 female Hotel Directors, with women in key roles across all departments and at all ranks. We are so proud of what we've accomplished and will keep pushing forward! The only goal that we have is to make sure that when qualified candidates of any gender or nationality are right for the job opening that they get an opportunity to apply and succeed in their potential role. Have a great day, llp...
  8. Sorry for your frustration, the answer is yes... and that we have a Lowest Airfare Guarantee. This is a benefit that no other cruise-line offers. I hope you have the opportunity to take advantage of this program.
  9. Hello, Unfortunately, the cabins did come out smaller than expected due to having to add an unplanned escape corridor between these staterooms. We converted those cabins into regular rooms and converted others into Aqua Class. As you know, the safety of our guests is our top priority and we hope that guests understand that sometimes there are unexpected obstacles and that we learn from our mistakes. Thank you for your understanding, llp...
  10. Thank you everyone, who knew that footstools would be such a hot topic on the forum and yet I completely understand. If you are in need of a footstool, and that was not part of your room design, please ask your stateroom attendant and they will source one for you. We want to ensure your comfort and will do all that we can to accommodate. Have a great day!
  11. Hello! We are talking with our sister brand about that but nothing has been finalized yet. Keep in mind, however, that we do have reciprocal benefits between the programs today. So if you are at least Platinum with Royal you can try out Celebrity and gain access to our Select or Elite level of benefits. Thank you and have a great rest of your day!
  12. Hello! We are always adding new things and diversifying the menu based on available ingredients and guest preferences. Our culinary offerings continue to be a passion and extremely high priority to us. The quality of our culinary offerings are vitally important. We so appreciate your comment as guest feedback is a major contributor in our culinary process. Thank you and have a great rest of your day!
  13. Thank you, Bo1953, good point. Next time you are onboard, feel free to ask to meet the chef and share your situation. They are always looking for new ideas for specialty menus and your feedback will be helpful. I will make sure to share your suggestion above. Have a great day!
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