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  1. Tell me how you met and fell in love with your TA specialist for luxury cruising. Any stories about why you stick with them also appreciated. My only experiences with TAs have been dismal, mostly through corporate contracts mandated by my employer. Those outfits were abysmal, we never let them book anything without telling them the exact flight numbers, etc. Then there’s the time a TA sold me “travel insurance” that failed to pay out because she attached it to only a tiny segment of my 3 month trip, clearly did not know her products and couldn’t fix it. We just finished our first and last mainline cruise. Got a taste for what we liked, abhorred and is possible. First thing we want is a ship an order of magnitude smaller, LOL. I’d sure like a competent TA to help me next time, but have no idea where to find one in this category and no friends IRL who cruise to ask. So while CC doesn’t let us talk about “who”, surely how you found your pro is fair game. Give me hope that there’s a match for us, because true luxury would mean not having to do all the upfront work myself.
  2. I had to stay completely covered once due to some medication but I wasn’t missing the snorkeling. DH bought me a suit from Dive Goddess and I love it.
  3. Thanks, taking it early seems easy enough
  4. First time cruisers on Noordam next month. We have a special celebration night booked for the Pinnacle Grill and plan to bring a bottle of bubbly (and pay the corkage). What’s a good way to get it chilled for service? Do we ask our cabin steward for an ice bucket that afternoon and carry a wet bottle through the ship? Take it to the restaurant early? Tun it in at the beginning and hope we see it days later? What are the logistics here?
  5. I’m always cold, and I favor the style.
  6. Would a classic denim jacket (no rips, frays) over a dress be appropriate for the MDR on a Holland America voyage to Alaska? Not for formal night, just a regular evening. I would probably add a vintage rhinestone brooch or two, but it’s still denim.
  7. Seems like there are still some gaps in the Sky’s schedule. I pulled this off a site called CruiseMapper. All the other ships in the line have no unscheduled days, as far as I can tell.i hope they fill it with some shorter voyages, that’s about our only shot of getting a Viking cruise before 2022. But I’d sure like an idea of when and how these might be announced. (Edited to add a shot of Jupiter’s schedule of the same period. Not one open day.)
  8. For reasons, we are looking for a short cruise in the Caribbean Jan, Feb or Mar 2021. It looks like, now that all the Cuba voyages are discontinued, there are some holes left to fill in the winter schedule. They aren’t even offering the Turquoise Caribbean Seas 8 day trip in 2021. Any idea on when/if some new trips will be added? I would love to do a short European cruise in that time frame but we will not be able to afford the extra travel time to/from the cruise so it’s Caribbean or nothing in winter 2021.
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