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  1. I called on Saturday, had them add our middle names. Took about 10 min total. Our CSR said that the warning was mainly for those traveling by air booked through NCL, and those with recent name changes - but she agreed, better safe than sorry and was happy made the changes. We leave in a week - I'll be interested to see if anyone has trouble boarding without exactly matching documents...
  2. Received this yesterday as well. Middle names on our passports... No middle names on our reservation, no way to add them on the site... Pretty silly to have to call them for this 10 days our from our trip.. but better safe than sorry I suppose.
  3. First timer here - we'll be on the Sun this month! Wooo! Anyway, we purchase the soda package for our teen boys, and as we were going over the do's and do not's of the cruise with them, the asked how they actually get the soda... and I had no idea? Do they just go to restaurant and self serve fountain drinks?.. Or is there some other procedure they have to follow? Also, I assume tap water (not bottled) is also available? Thanks!
  4. Did you happen to change anything from your original booking? This happened to me for my upcoming trip. I had paid in full, then the website said I owed them $35.00... I called, as I was worried like you they would cancel my trip... I went through line by line with the person on the phone. I had upgraded my stateroom from our original trip, and apparently due to this, it changed the cost of travel insurance - upping it the $35. Might want to do a line by line look at your emailed receipt and the online info to see what you can find!
  5. FYI - just saw that our stop in Grand Bahama Island has changed to Key West Florida - then Nassau then Great Stirrup Cay. I'd suspect others headed to the Bahamas will see this location change as well. I'm looking forward to our trip - and I do hope our tourist dollars can help with the recovery efforts!
  6. Something similar happened to me - however it showed up as a negative credit that I had to pay.. lol... Basically my prepaid service charges dropped by $110. The website said I must PAY -$110... I called them - and they say they have refunded my card that amount - but I have yet to see the refund. Now it says I owe the $46 because they undercharged me for travel insurance?... Not sure how or why that happened. I payed everything on time and thought I was all set. I'm sure it will work out - but it's really not instilling a lot of confidence in NCL for me. Alternatively when I call - everyone is friendly and tries their best to be helpful!
  7. Thank you for your post! I appreciate all opinions - it's great to hear what everyone thinks, and we can make an informed decision.
  8. Yeah - I believe Great Stirrup Cay will be our beach day - And I'll be there smiling with sand in my shorts, and a big floppy hat. To quote Star Wars: Padme: "We used to come here for school retreat. We would swim to that island every day. I love the water. We used to lie out on the sand and let the sun dry us and try to guess the names of the birds singing." Anakin: "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere."
  9. Ok... hear me out... I'm a 40something dude with a wife and two sons - age 11 and 14. We are taking our FIRST EVER cruise in November. We had originally planned our vacation of a lifetime to Cuba on NCL - but obviously that went down the tubes... So rebooked to go to the Bahamas - which is all well and good... but I REALLY dislike typical beach/vacation activities. If it were up to me, I'd never get off the boat! That said - I'm happy to be on vacation, and have good quality family time - but would love to hear of any non-typical, safe, off-boat activities we could do as a family - or I could do by myself while the wife and kids snorkel or whatever. We as a family are all pretty laid back, and are ok going our separate ways for a bit - not a lot of drama in our lives around doing our own thing. We will be going to Grand Bahama Island, Nassau and Great Stirrup Cay. SOME FACTS ABOUT US We are NOT risk takers or super adventurous - no sky diving or para-gliding for example - not even jet skis... But kayaking or hiking is up our ally for example. The wife and kids love the beach - me, not so much - but I'm willing to suffer a bit. The idea of a waterpark sounds dreadful. The whole family is REALLY looking forward to visiting Kennedy Space Center before our trip. The kids are up for anything - and will go with the flow of whatever we choose to do... The wife is flexible - but will want to definitely do at least ONE excursion off boat as a family! ------- THINGS WE ENJOY (may not all be relevant to the trip - but gives you an idea about what i'm like!) Eating (fine dining, street food - it''s all good) Drinking booze ( The wife and I - not the kids, obviously!.. beer, bourbon, rum) Cultural Activities/Art/Music Fishing/Camping/Hiking Golf SiFi and Comics ------ From the research I've done, it looks like Great Stirrup Cay would make for the best beach day... but definitely open to suggestions! Help us, Cruise Critic folks, you're our only hope!
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