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  1. Left? An ongoing show since 2016, a COVID vaccine will be available sooner. After brexit you’ll have to pay a bit more for that glass of EU red wine.
  2. While booking before the cruise or on board?
  3. That explains why I only can by a 10 night package for a 11 night cruise? If I understand correctly, I should book the restaurants from day 2 onwards and on day 1 I will be assigned a specialty restaurant automatically? What's the cover charge? I was planning on using the online offer for the first night and add the 10 night package.
  4. Indeed, I will book the dinner package for the full cruise. I noticed that for my upcoming 11n cruise, the max I can buy is 10n. I assume that this is because there's a offer available for the first night, which I will book on top, so I got the entire cruise covered. This means I can go 10 times to a specialty restaurant, I will be on the Silhouette and will alternate between Murano, Tuscan, Lawn grill. Petit Chef should be booked onboard if I understood well and I may go to Sushi on 5 for lunch (will not use the dinner package for that).
  5. Does anyone knows as of when reservations can be made on the website? Being elite member, I thought I even have early access to the reservations?
  6. Thanks, I will keep the prepaid gratuities as one of the perks!
  7. Hello, I'm planning to take the specialty dining package on my upcoming cruise. I have a few questions related to this... 1/ are gratuities included in the cover charge of the package and if not how much would be an appropriate tip? I remember getting a "$0" bill on my past cruises in the specialty restaurants 2/ in case I have the prepaid gratuities perk included in my booking, how does this match with the dining package? Thanks for clarifying this!
  8. Regarding the taxi, did you discuss the price with the driver? Did you pay in cash and if so which currency? thanks
  9. When you are sailing with a party of 2 and only 1 person is Elite, can your travel companion still join for Elite breakfast?
  10. Thanks for the replies. Currently I'm on the waiting list for select dining, so I'll probably just have to talk to the maître D the first night and ask for a table for 2. Specialty dining plan in the Constellation isn't interesting as there's only Qsine and Tuscan. ☺️
  11. Hello, can someone help me with my dining related questions for my upcoming cruise on the Connie: 1/ Is a table for 2 available for both select dining as fixed time? 2/ When or where should I specify I prefer to have a table for 2? 3/ Would you recommend select dining over fixed time? I can imagine it's less busy and stressed? Thanks!
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