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  1. I do know this wasn't a totally serious post, but I should like to point out that over the years I've ridden on quite a few "sun decks" on Princess lifeboats being used for tendering.
  2. LOL. I read this as "Free WiFi in HEAVEN."
  3. This topic reminded me of something that happened on a Princess cruise quite a few years ago. We pulled into the port at Monte Carlo surrounded by huge yachts. The Captain came on the outside loudspeakers and said, "My boats bigger than your boat," in a singsong manner. Cracked me up.
  4. A relative has contracted sepsis. They don't know what caused by infection but are suspicious it was from dental work. It can happen to anyone at any time, I suppose.
  5. When I see something about an accident on an "independently arranged" tour I always remember our Princess sponsored tour in Patagonia that was cancelled at the last minute because Princess inspected the tour boat and found it "unsafe." My speculation is that the tour went on as scheduled for non-Princess tourists. Yes, I realize that probably 999 times out of a thousand nothing would go wrong, and I also know we spend more for the ships' tours, but I consider that extra money to be insurance.
  6. I was really, really sick when we were in St. Petersburg, Russia. There was just no way I could go to the dinner outing that night. The cruise tour people couldn't refund my money but said they would try to find someone to "buy" it from me. They did find someone and saved us a pretty good chunk of change.
  7. I just learned that in the south, people decorate the doors of new mothers in the hospital. I think the lady was from Alabama who said this.
  8. Our record is 7 in one year. Mostly "free" ones from casinos. But we are having a dry spell due to advanced cancer suffered by our daughter-in-law. We don't want to be too far away from home. Haven't cruised since last February. We attended a cocktail party at a casino a week or so ago and the woman sitting next to me told us she had just booked her 18th cruise for this year. And it was only the end of July !!! My guess is she is a high roller with both land based and shipboard casinos and gets most of them comped.
  9. I'll admit to rolling my eyes sometimes at the door decorations, but they don't "ruin" my cruise. But I guess I can see the cruise line being concerned about damage to the door. I was really surprised to read about the guy who painted the door with chalkboard paint. I suppose tape could conceivably pull paint off the door or magnets scratching it.
  10. Princess Ultimate Balcony Breakfast in Alaska:
  11. I do remember reading on CC about people being left behind in Alaska that were on a ship sponsored tour. It had to do with tides. The ship HAD to leave. I remember the people affected had nothing but good things to say about how it was handled. It was a Princess ship if I remember correctly.
  12. LOL. I saw a suggestion once to wrap them up so they look like a dirty diaper.
  13. We did show up one day too early for a cruise. Much better than showing up a day late, though.
  14. This topic reminds me of the time we sat next to a group of boys in the buffet area. Every other word was the f-word and they were talking about "getting it on" with various girls. What really made me shake my head was they appeared to be in the 12-year old age range.
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