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  1. Hey all! Quick question... we just booked a cruise for the 22nd of this month on the Navigator (I know, last minute). We did get a RoyalUp offer, and I bid. We are currently in a spacious balcony. I was offered to bid on a JS, GS, GS 2BR... I bid on the GS. They are showing sold out on all suites except for Owners... Should I assume that if someone in a GS wins a bid on the OS, I might have a chance of winning a bid on their GS? Sorry if this is confusing, and any feedback/insight is greatly appreciated! Meghan
  2. I know some people find out sooner than others, but what is the "average" amount of days before sailing that you hear back on a successful bid? Thank you, put in a bid for a sailing a week from today!
  3. There is another kids area too with mini slides, a water playground (you do not need the water pass) and my 5 year old had a blast! That area is on the left when you are walking towards the pool! Sorry, I don't have a picture.
  4. I am not sure if this was addressed or not yet, but I just booked a last minute sailing (1.5 weeks out), will I still be offered RoyalUp? I went to the link, and I get an error message saying to make sure the sailing is within 30 days. How long before I will be able to access the system or will I not be eligible? Thanks!
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