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  1. I'm a solo female traveller from Ireland, regular visitor to Disneyland California and have been to Disneyland Paris 3 times. I have booked my first Disney cruise for September 2020. For me, its about cruising the Disney way. Until I found out about Disney Cruise Line I was very much against cruising. To me cruising is something retired people do or the type of people who do the cheap Mediterranean package holidays. I;m in neither of those groups. I could never see the appeal of a floating hotel filled with drunk people, the casinos, the low standard and tacky entertainment, the not good food. Back in the 1990's there was a very popular reality TV show here called The Cruise, which was set on The Celebrity ship The Marella Explorer, which in 1998 was called The Galaxy. It followed the crew and passengers on the ships first Caribbean route. It was really popular and give a great insight into life on board a cruise. However I could never see myself on a cruise like that. Then about 3 years ago I found out about Disney Cruise Line, as the Magic ship was docking in my home city, Dublin, Ireland for the first time. Suddenly cruising sounded more appealing. For me its not about the price, its about the experience. I love the Disney shows, the Disney customer service, the Disney theming in restaurants. Its taken me 3 years to save for my 2020 cruise, but I will make the effort and put the money aside, as its something I want to experience. I know its expensive and even more so as I'm a solo, but the value for money is worth it to me. Yes I could do a cruise at half the price, yes I could do a cruise which even starts and ends in my home city, but its not the same experience as a Disney cruise. To me its the difference between going to your local carnival or theme park and go to a Disney park. Both the same type of experience, rides, entertainment, characters etc, but the standard and quality is miles apart.
  2. Im solo, no kids over 40 and I have just booked my first Disney cruise and I can't wait. I also go to Disneyland California every year solo. To me , the choice other than price is do you want a DISNEY cruise experience or just a cruise experience.
  3. Just so you know, the Disney frequent cruise loyalty program is called Castaway Club. There are different levels and different perks for each of the levels. One of the main perks is the online checkin , port arrival time and excursion booking Bookings open at midnight Orlando time. You need to be Paid In Full to access the online check-in and activity bookings. Paid In Full date is 94 days before cruise departure date Platinum Level - Starts after 10th completed cruise126 days before cruise departure date Gold Level - Starts after 5th completed cruise110 days before cruise departure date Silver Level - Starts after 1st completed cruise 95 days before cruise departure dateNew Cruiser 80 days before cruise departure date
  4. Teen club is 18 to 20 They have specific activities and meet ups, usually organised on the first day of the cruise Disney Cruise are all inclusive to an extent. The extra costs that I have found out so far ahead of my first cruise Alcohol, either from a bar, walking around server or during meals Premium barista coffee at Cove Cafe and during meals Bottles of water - free water available at drinks stations Room service items which are factory sealed such as soda or candy, will have a number / price listed on the menu Room service tips Candy / popcorn at the Disney Theatre All merchandise in the onboard shops Bingo Mixology and alcohol tasting classes Spa treatments and Rainforest Pass Adults only restaurants Palo and Remy Stateroom gifts Port excursions The all inclusive part includes All food in MDR restaurants, buffet and pool side Quick Service All soda and water from self service drinks station All tea / hot chocolate and none Barista coffee from drinks stations All soda and none bottled water during meals All tea and none Barista coffee during meals Snacks in adult only pool side bar and coffee area and various other locations Room service food made onboard and tea / coffee / hot chocolate Character meet and greets Shows, entertainment and activities excluding Bingo Disney Cruise Line Dining and Restaurants 101 The 3 main restaurants are usually abbreviated to MDR The rotational dining is a unique to Disney Cruise Line experience You can request a private table just for your party. This can be done in advance by contacting Disney Cruise Line. You can also request a private table just for your party when you first board the ship. Just remember this is a request and is not a guarantee you will get a private table just for your party. When you check in at the departure port you will be given your dining room assignment. On your first night restaurant you will be assigned a server team. On night 2 you will eat in the second restaurant on your dining room assignment. You will have the same server team and be seated at the same table number as on night 1 On night 3 you will eat in the third restaurant on your dining room assignment. You will have the same server team and be seated at the same table number as on previous nights. On night 4 you will rotate back to a one of the other restaurants. You will have the same server team and be seated at the same table number as on previous nights. Depending on the length of your cruise, you will eat in some restaurants multiple times and some restaurants only once. Each of the MDR restaurants are themed and have a unique dining experience. Each of the restaurants has its own specific menu. Disney Cruise Line always a themed night, either Pirates in The Caribbean or Frozen. On the themed night, all 3 restaurants will serve the same menu and food. Depending on your cruise, they may be other nights when all 3 restaurants will serve the same menu and food, such as the first night, the last night or if your cruise has an overnight in a port. You can choose not eat in the MDR on any night of your cruise. If you know in advance you will not be eating in that nights assigned restaurant, make sure to let your server team know, so that they do not delay the food service for your table mates. The quick service and buffet restaurants serve food in the evening time as well, so you will not go hungry if you choose to skip the MDR. This could be for any reason such as late back from an excursion and you miss your assigned dining time you don't want to sit with your assigned table mates you have booked one of the upcharge adult restaurants Palo or Remy you are participating in onboard activities or events you don't like the food served in that particular restaurant
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