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  1. I didn’t work with a PCC, I booked directly with HAL so the emails came right to me for the upsells. It was a very straightforward and easy process to upgrade.
  2. The ship is phenomenal. I’ve told everyone I know that they HAVE to sail her next!
  3. Oh my goodness I almost forgot about Tamarind! We went there the first night and it escaped my mind! I loved it! It was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect!
  4. LMaxwell, sorry that it took so long but here are the daily papers I took pictures of on Nieuw Amsterdam over Christmas week.
  5. It's taken a while for me to get my review posted, but here it is! For background, I sailed on NA from 12/21/19 - 12/28/19 with my 14 year old daughter. This was our first HAL cruise, though we have sailed on Royal Caribbean a number of times previously. I initially booked an inside room and about two weeks before the sailing I received an upsell offer to move to an obstructed window room. I took it since it was only $39 per person and I liked the idea of natural light. Then the week before our sailing, I received another upsell offer to move to a balcony room for just $79 per pers
  6. I second this - I had to visit Guest Services the first three days because I was charged for drinks with the SBP. My daughter was also charged for soda a handful of times with the quench package. They take the charges right off but I didn't check my onboard account regularly, I would have paid for them.
  7. I was on this year's Christmas cruise on NA and we were in Grand Turk on Christmas day. Most of the cruise center shops were open but a handful were closed. The weather wasn't great (on/off rain and wind) and there were still a ton of people in the pool in the port area. It wasn't very festive though, I can't recall seeing decorations or feeling like it was Christmas day.
  8. Nothing is free. Even if your sold on a “free” beverage package or “free” gratuities, you’re certainly paying for it in your cruise fare. They just raise the fare prices in order to offer those promos. Then they reduce fare prices when the “free” add-one aren’t offered. You’re paying for it one way or another.
  9. Yes, I absolutely will when we get back... and here’s a preview: we are never going back to RCCL after sailing with HAL, we are in love with this cruise line and ship 🤩😍
  10. Quick question - I know I can take a bottle of wine into the MDR, but can I take one into the pinnacle grille? If so, do I just carry it in with me? Or take it down ahead of time? Thanks in advance!
  11. I haven’t noticed any issues, but I’m no marine expert 😜
  12. I loved watching the crew drills this morning on the lifeboats onboard NA in Nassau today!! It was very interesting to see the boats go into the water and back up again, plus it makes me feel extra safe knowing we are in good hands with this incredible crew. We are having an amazing time so far and we are only one day in!
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