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  1. NO!!!....I have never heard of a cabin upgrade with it....may be something new.....The Club Orange "private " restaurant is IMO not a great perk...it used to be the Culinary Arts Demo kitchen and a farm to fork restaurant open to all when the K-dam was new....It is hardly used and very uncomfortable chairs and just regular food....the special lines at the desk and at boarding are so not worth all that extra cost IMO.....
  2. We were on the Inaugural trip on the Nieuw Statendam....the crow's nest with the EXC is not much different except the bar is got and replaced by the Explorations Cafe although you can still get a drink there ....there are 2 huge screens at the midpoint of the bow at the windows....and the side room that used to be couches etc is now set up with in row seats and a screen at the front for presentations....although the entire cruise I only saw it in use one time....
  3. Who is the cruise director for the K dam....October 2019?
  4. Does anyone know which is needed to use Facebook Messenger or FaceTime?
  5. We have three cruises booked and wondered if there is a current list of Cruise Directors. We are sailing on the new MS Nieuw Statendam in December and wonder who it will be.....anyone know??
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