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  1. I have travelled with my dad who has mobility issues. We were on the Breakaway but here is what we found: Call NCL in advance to schedule wheelchair service when checking in. They will get you on the boat and to your room if it's ready. You can call for wheelchair service anytime while on the ship but they will only take you from point A to point B. I would often call for this service for my dad to get him down to restaurants from the room. You can also have your waiter call for a wheelchair pickup to get back to the room or to be dropped off somewhere else. In Mia
  2. We had the same layout on the Getaway this month. My son who is 16 and 6'0 and 185lbs said the sofa was comfortable to sleep on. If it wasn't comfortable trust me he would have complained all week!! 🙂 My 12 yr old slept on the Pullman above the sofa and also no complaints there. Just give it a shot, I don't think it's as bad as you are imagining.
  3. Interesting. I booked and paid in full inc. service charges for a cruise on Jan. 5 out of New Orleans directly from NCL website. I did book a GTD Balcony and I can now transfer this over to an NCL TA? What would be the advantage of doing this outside of hoping to get some free OBC? Thanks for clarifying!!
  4. Was also booked on this cruise for Sept. 1. NCL communication was really disappointing there is no arguing that. To my knowledge no one got future cruise discounts and that was only offered when they were trying to make plans to sail on the 4th on a shortened itinerary. Then that was cancelled and the entire cruise was cancelled thus the full refund for everyone. If I hadn't been following the hurricane thread and roll call on cruise critic I would have boarded our flight and been headed to Miami. Thank god I wasn't relying on the actual cruise line for good information!! lol
  5. I was booked for the Sept 1 cruise from Miami that was cancelled. Am I supposed to call NCL for the refund or will they automatically process the refund on their end? It hasn't hit my credit card as of today.
  6. I wasn't trying to quote anything but quick question for you Bill. We are getting on the Breakaway regardless of when it becomes available and we'll take the shortened cruise and enjoy ourselves. We still haven't changed our Sunday morning flight into Miami so would be it smarter to keep that flight (assuming it doesn't get cancelled) so we are here or change flight to Tuesday/Wednesday morning depending when NCL confirms their itinerary by 8pm tonight?
  7. We don't have trip insurance so we are just going to stand pat and see how this unfolds. We are flying American and their latest notice was letting people flying on Sept 2 and 3 change with no charge to florida airports. If we get on the plane and the boat won't be in port we'll just wait it out in Miami. I'll enjoy beverages on land in Miami while waiting!! lol
  8. Sailing on NCL Breakaway from Miami on Sunday. We are supposed to fly into Miami early Sunday morning so we have decided to not change flights to earlier to just be stuck in Miami. Any chance the ship comes in to dock Saturday? I'm hoping we don't have to mad scramble to change flights if that were the case. I'm thinking just cancelling may be the better option at this point?
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