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  1. This will be our first time in this port . Nothing really catches my eye when it comes to exploring . Looking for recommendations. Would like to try out a ATV / buggie ride exploring & some type of snorkeling
  2. Saw this excursion on trip advisor where you are on a tube going through the seven lagoons . Anyone have any experience?
  3. Anyone experience the excursion ride ATV to the caverns ? Pros & Cons ? Any recommendations who to use ?
  4. Honestly nothing is catching my eye with excursions. Any recommendations? ATV or Jeep tour with some type of water activity?
  5. Hello we cruising in Nov 2020 and first time in Mexico. Is it best to snorkel or visit the ruins ?
  6. We are going to costa maya in Nov 2020 .. looking for Best recommenced excursions? Is there a zip-line w/ cave tubing tour ? If not is it best to see ruins ?
  7. Hello going on western cruise in Nov 2020 looking for recommendations for excursions at the ports we will be stopping at . Thanks
  8. We will be arriving in Aruba on 1/14/20 and looking to do alittle shopping. Any recommendations on a good recommended Jeweler , that is not over the top on price and reasonable? What is a recommendation on stones in Aruba ?
  9. pacruise804... we usually eat between 6/7. We are cruising the RCC -Explorer of the sea. As of now we are not going to do a special dinner or paid dinner.
  10. jimnbigd… that was really great information... Thank you
  11. bup1224 you mentioned Salt in Bonaire for a souvenir (for skin) ? what is Curacao's speciality item be ? is it the liquor-from distillery?
  12. What is a MUST to see when it comes to shopping in Aruba ? What is recommended to bring back as a souvenir ? Also a jewelry place that is not over priced/ with great recommendations ?
  13. brillohead, thank you for the helpful information
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