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  1. So....Trump says cruising after October31... He over rules the CDC.. Doesn't mean it's right, but that is the latest . https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/09/trump-admin-overrules-cdc-director-on-extending-ban-on-cruises/
  2. If you click through, you would see it is for the whole voyage, per person. Big mistake on their part, not in their favor.
  3. Virgin got a D----After all the work they have done?... https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/09/17/carnival-corp-cruise-lines-fail-environment-report-card/5805383002/
  4. IMHO-October might be too early to call, but based on the trend, should have November sailings..Miami-Dade county is flattening nicely.
  5. What do others think about the NEW LONGER VOYAGES VV ADDED-Even a `15 day long one- ?
  6. Virgin had already eliminated buffets, and went to contactless transactions. They will be one of the safest ships in the worlds fleet.. https://www.cntraveler.com/story/virgin-voyages-to-set-sail-with-contactless-food-delivery-upgraded-air-filtration
  7. Should not be a hard sell-Mostly just giving information.
  8. Hopefully before the firs voyages they fix the piece of crap of an app..
  9. It looks like the nation, Florida and Miami-Dade are dropping in numbers nicely. Unless there is another flare up, I think they will sail in November. There have been no google alerts on them cancelling more.
  10. God help us if the service on the ship is as "good" as it is in updating a reservation. My travel agent booked my new cruise (For the third time) for June of 2021, and all my account shows is booking pending....If I was put in charge of Virgin Voyages communications, there would be a 100% overhaul of the department and policies... To make them Sailor friendly...
  11. Just got notified-No additional FCC-Just get full FCC that I had-so nothing new to rebook..:(
  12. 200% FCC would work-It would upgrade me to an even better suite...).... Or another voyage..
  13. Just got email from my travel planner, that Virgin is coming out shortly with an email to me, with what accommodations I get for having my October voyage cancelled. Will be interesting to see how worthwhile it is.
  14. I would not cruise if I had to do all this--I think April next year might be my month.. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5510/?et_cid=3350314&et_rid=268751925&et_referrer=FooterWidget
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