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  1. If someone is sailing VV for the pool, they are on the wrong cruise line... Personally, I am not going cruising to get into a pool...
  2. Only time will tell.. Florida doesn't care about Covid, so that won't stop them. The only way they don't is if the CDC somehow stops them from sailing... If I was to put a percentage on it, i say 85% they sail in October
  3. The virgin app was developed prior to the shpis rolloing out, and has been a piece of garbage ever since... The pandemic should have helped them improve it, but it has not.
  4. I have had to delete the app and re download when that happens, and it works again. VV app is the most buggy, piece of crap app out there...
  5. One more win for cruising.... Appeals court blocks CDC restrictions on cruises in win for Florida (cnbc.com)
  6. Wow-I can't wait...:).. Website does not show it anymore, but it initially said there was a tops optional area......
  7. What the ?? You saying they have bondage and erotic chat on the ship?... Doesn't sound like the virgin way
  8. https://help.virginvoyages.com/s/searchresult?userInput=What is the dress code
  9. Just another example of how crappy the app is.. WORST app I have ever seen--
  10. Get a travel agent--You don't pay extra and they will handle the details-Mine has done ALL the legwork for me on multiple rebookings....
  11. Oh, and I paid my deposit 1,337 days ago(Nov 17, 2017) and they don't treat me any different than someone who books a new voyage..
  12. Perhaps they are planning on the Norwegian cruise lines lawsuit against the state of Florida winning.
  13. Wow, well said. Until I actually voyage in late October (God forbid I get cancelled for the 107th time :)) all I have to say about VV is negative..
  14. Unless things change VV CANNOT, by law, require proof of vaccination for Florida sailings... They can penalize those that don't, like the other cruise lines are..But then, things may change by October...I have been vaccinated for six months, so I don't care...
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