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  1. I have complained about their tech since the beginning. Their website has SUCKED since the beginning, and their app is crappy. Hopefully my voyage is a lot smoother sailing..
  2. I took the deal when my April voyage was cancelled, and rebooked on the October 16th cruise for this year. I fell comfortable sailing in the fall. I was able to book a suite, and get $500 on board credit, for little more out of pocket. And now with the repricing of suites, I got an additional $400 voyage credit. If they make any more changes, they will be paying me to voyage with them....,
  3. :)..... For the old line cruise ships, most have put their ships up as collateral for all their loans, so they would be paid off.. Everyone has an opinion on everything and everyone is correct...
  4. I just got email of new booking, and got a 10% credit back on my suite for voyage credit--Sweet!!!. I won't miss the perks I would have gotten anyway...
  5. Possibly true. To his credit, they are brand new ships, one still being built, and they seem like they would weather a downturn more than a line with 20 or 30 ships...
  6. Virgin should know that all the unknowns is causing frustration, stress on top of covid to everyone. They should have announced what each room was loosing, and what the rate reduction would be... Poor communication, as it has been since they started.
  7. Same here-One of the main reasons I picked VV was NO kids....
  8. For the smaller suites, premium wi fi and transfer service is all I could tell.
  9. With Covid-The smaller pool is now a plus, not a negative----
  10. Good point-Well, it will be a well sanitized casino by the time we roll....
  11. This is now my voyage, since my April one was cancelled. But thanks to Virgins nice 200% plus payout, I got a suite for basically no more money!... Looking foward to it!
  12. What other ship has: No buffets No kids SMALL swimming pool Smaller capacity(well a lot do, but most were going BIG, which means more germs) Sure, there will be some changes, like temperate checks and such, but I am looking forward to my October voyage, and am 100% confident in Virgin Voyages.
  13. I think quite the contrary-No kids = less germs.... The ship is also designed for no kids, and would basically not be feasable to retrofit.. I am only sailing on them BECAUSE there are no kids..
  14. U.S. airlines are already asking the U.S. government for help. That is what they should do. The U.S. will help out the airlines and the Cruise industry, that is what they do. And Virgin Voyages is going to be fine.
  15. I was best thing that happened to me. I went from my solo seaview in April, to a Seriously Suite in October, including the $500 on board credit, it didn't cost me any more than I paid.... 🙂
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