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  1. Got it...thanks...that is all I wanted to know
  2. You are both correct ...and it is no ones concern except those people....case closed
  3. Well we could argue until the end of time and it will change NOTHING. Everyone is going to do what they want to do no matter what anyone else tells them...my original question was HOW do you do this not if you can or cannot or should or should not. That is an individual decision that each person is going to make that will be in line with their own standard of living. We are all entitled to our opinions....right or wrong in others eyes!!!!
  4. spot on...nor should they....all members of a crew do deserve a living wage, but that is the responsibility of the employer not the patrons. If you go to a restaurant to have a nice meal....do you tip every employee? I would think not....they all deserve a dece3 t wage but the is the responsibility of the employer not the customers...you tip only your waiter...not the owner, not the cook , not the clean up crew..etc. etc. etc. and it has nothing to do with being rich or cheap...you reward good service....but not the entire corporation
  5. All the people in "the background" do a lot of work and should be paid an honest wage by their employer....the ones that directly benefit me are the wait staff and the housekeeper. Any other thing that is done for me I would tip at the time. as for the amount, it is not unreasonable...as a matter of fact, when I leave the ship the amount of tips to the wait staff and house keepers usually is greater than the daily charge, but has been well earned by these individuals. All others are the responsibility of the employer, not the passengers. We don't leave a tip for every employee of a motel when we stay there....as a matter of fact many people do not even tip the house keepers (my daughter and grand daughter have held these jobs and got nothing) and certainly should not be expected to trip all the other staff members that are involved in maked the motel work. It is an individual decision to make...my original question was to find out what I could about NCL .not to start a battle with anyone, nor was it posted for my entertianment.
  6. What do you do if you do NOT want the automatic daily gratuity fee added to your bill and prefer to reward individuals when you leave the cruise?
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