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  1. sunandsand23

    Travler's Checks

    Thanks for the input! Leaving for my cruise to Bermuda tommorow!!!! :D
  2. sunandsand23

    Travler's Checks

    Does anyone think its necessary to get travlers checks for my cruise to Bermuda or should I just stick to cash?
  3. sunandsand23

    Bikini wax pros and cons wanted...?

    If it is your first time I would just go with a regular bikini wax, its painful but not that bad. I have been getting regular bikini and eyebrow waxes for the lasr 6 years. Its great for when you are on vaction and don't have to worry about it. Give it a try!
  4. sunandsand23

    Zenith to Bermuda, 5/6 Review

    Thanks for that great detailed review, my boyfriend and I (we are in our mid 20's) are booked on the Zenith in June. I figured we would be the youngest on the ship but we are really just looking for a nice relaxing vacation. I am sure there will be plenty of older people but if I wanted a party cruise I would have taken a different cruise line. But just like you said relaxing is key on vacation, plus I have heard great things about the food! I can't wait!!!
  5. sunandsand23

    Sailing from Bayonne, New Jersey

    I live in New Jersey and Newark airport should be your only option it is seriously the closest to the cruise port, its less then a 20 min taxi ride from the airport. LGA and JFK would be a waste of money because the taxi from there could run you quite a bit and the traffic is the worst from both airports. Stick with Newark, and if you are staying overnight the night before pick an hotel close to the airport, not downtown Newark. Counitng down the days until my 6/10 cruise to Bermuda! :D
  6. sunandsand23

    Grand Princess for mid-twenties?

    I am also in my mid-twenties and booked a cruise to bermuda with my boyfriend (it will be my first, but he has been on quite a few). I was also a bit nervous about being the youngest on board, but what it comes down to all I really want to get out of this is a relaxing vaction with my boyfriend. I am positive that we will both have a good time despite our age. I am really looking forward to my cruise. I guess i cant offer anymore insight until after thr cruise in June. :)