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  1. For many people the cruise is so much better if they can afford it. Not everyone has unlimited money and cares to spend $1000 a week for two drink packages.
  2. One scenario: Tomorrow: Sure we can give you the higher price. A month from now: Oh sorry, even though you paid the higher price we can’t give you the increased OBC. GOOD LUCK!
  3. And in the Andes they compensate for lack of central heat; sleep with a bunch of them to stay warm (al la 3 dog night). Cuy is generally considered to be “peasant food” and is most commonly seen roasted on a stick at road side stands, or in touristy restaurants; not usually seen in upscale restaurants unless they have a substantial tourist trade. The Cathedral in Cuzco has a rather famous painting of the Last Supper where the entree is cuy.
  4. For a minute I thought I was on the Peruvian Cooking Board...
  5. For me not worth it. Yes, you could potentially get a “free” $35 of OBC BUT you get all the fun of cancelling/changing/ making reservations with all the possibilities of something (somethings) getting screwed up. You will just give RCI more interest free loan. And if bad goes to worse and bankruptcy occurs, you have lost more money.. Reward does not justify the Risk.
  6. To clarify: Passport Cards are only good for surface (land or water) border crossings. They will get you on a DOMESTIC plane flight; they will not get you on a flight to/from Canada or Mexico.
  7. The US Federal government regulates allowed sizes of containers of liquor, all being in metric sizes. 1.5 liters is not an allowed container, but 1.75 liters is. Someone has apparently been sipping out a quarter liter of vodka from your bottles 😳 in related news I know people who take pride in their ignorance and claim that the metric system is WAY to difficult for them to learn at their age, but have no answer as to how they somehow manage to buy liquor in metric units.
  8. I think that is a function of state liquor laws, and may not be true in all states.
  9. While weather is unpredictable I GUARANTEE you will have 0% chance of sunshine at North Cape Norway during the entire month of December.
  10. Unfortunately when I press the Play arrow the time bar with button displays for less than 0.1 second; not sufficient time to catch it before it disappears back to the start position. So I’m still seeing none of John’s videos even though I can watch everybody else’s with no trouble. Why do all of his malfunction for me, when all from others work fine?
  11. I am able to play everyone’s videos except for ALL of the ones posted by you. On yours, I hit the play tab and it immediately goes to the last frame of the video and returns to start. This has been the case for weeks. All videos posted by all other people work fine. Am I the only person encountering this issue?
  12. I thought the common carrier is always responsible for checking that your paperwork is in order for admission to your destination country, before they allow you to board. The carrier is both subject to fine if you are not admissible and financially responsible to get you to destination that will accept you. https://airlines.iata.org/analysis/document-verification-travel-trouble
  13. The test has to be submitted NO MORE THAN SEVEN DAYS in advance. It does NOT have to be submitted 7 days in advance. As of July 10, 2020, visitors from locations designated as high-risk by the Jamaican government will be required to upload a valid Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result with the Travel Authorization no more than seven days from the intended date of arrival in Jamaica.
  14. Biker made a perfectly reasonable comment and request. A request that I and many others would concur in. IMO there is no call to tell him to chill out.
  15. Obviously you have not been looking at the pictures of people packed in bars and on the beaches....
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