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  1. Have you received a credit back yet DustFSU? Not yet here despite being told 5 to 7 business days again.
  2. The problem with the credit card company is that these charges are sometimes made a year in advance and have long since processed. I am experiencing the same BS. The last time I called into the Crown and Anchor society the agent admitted there was a common "glitch" in which payments sometimes got hung up in the system. Of course, he had to call someone else who promised it was fixed now... but I have not seen anything back yet. I will be on my fourth call next Friday and I won't be very pleasant. (I have been pleasant so far). At that point, I will open up a case with my credit card, but for the travel protection that comes free with my card. The cruise cancellation definitely qualifies and it will cover the $1300. I shouldn't have to waste my time with this though.
  3. Thanks Merion, I did not have that number. I am talking with them now and they seem to be more "intelligent". I will update once I find out more. Update: this person worked with a supervisor in the appropriate department to get this resolved. He said I should see my payment back within 5 to 7 days. I will believe it when I see it though since this is the second time I have had someone tell me this.
  4. How long does it take to get a refund for pre-purchased cruise items i.e. dining, tours, drinks, internet, etc. I spent $1300 on items. I received an email on Sept 11th saying all of those items had been changed to cancelled and I would receive a refund. We are now at Sept 26th with no refund. I called in 5 days ago and asked about the status and they said they would look into it and to give them 7 more business days. I think this was just a stall tactic as there has still been no movement. Getting rather pissed off about now. This was for the Harmony of the Seas Sept 1st cruise that was ruined by Dorian. I did receive the FCC, and money back for the taxes and port charges at least.
  5. I am still waiting for almost $1300 in pre-purchased cruise items (dining, tours, internet, drinks, etc) that I have not received a refund for from the September 1st cruise as well. I did receive an email stating that all of those items were cancelled, but no actual refund yet. I called in and they said they would check into it, and to give them another 7 days. It has almost been 7 days. Starting to get pissed off.
  6. Yeah, so now our 7 day cruise is a 3 day cruise. Why the hell didn't they just cancel it? (trick question.... the answer is so they can hold onto the full cruise amount for a "future" cruise). Getting a really bad taste in how cruise lines handle guests.
  7. Check what card you used to charge the cruise and hotel though. Some cards now are offering free travel insurance as a perk. Costco Citi Card, and Chase Sapphire for instance.
  8. Thanks!. I tried waiting on hold for over an hour last night then gave up.
  9. This is the "port" of Labadee. It isn't even a port at all. It is basically a sand island with literally nothing on it owned by Royal Caribbean.
  10. Of course the email they send doesn't specify any details on what you need to do if you don't want to waste your time on this cruise (what, do you just not show up?). Dear Guest, After careful review of Hurricane Dorian’s path, our Harmony of the Seas sailing will now depart on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019, instead of Sunday, September 1st, 2019. We’re terribly sorry for this last-minute change, but made this decision to maintain a comfortable cruise and avoid adverse weather at the beginning of our journey. Please know, your safety is and always will be our top priority; it’s not something we’d ever jeopardize. Although sailing later than we originally planned, we’re looking forward to welcoming you aboard. Below, please find our new itinerary. While these circumstances are beyond our control, we understand they impact your vacation. To help make up for this unexpected change, we’re providing you with the following: A refund, which will be added to your Onboard Account as a refundable onboard credit. Plus, a Future Cruise Credit so that you can come back and sail with us. Both amounts will be in the value of the 3 days your cruise was shortened by, and based on the total cruise fare paid, per person, non-inclusive of taxes and fees. In addition, if you purchased an internet or beverage package, unlimited dining package, or pre-paid your gratuities, you’ll receive a prorated refund as a credit for the 3 days your cruise was shortened by to your Onboard Account. Any pre-purchased Royal Caribbean International shore excursions for the impacted ports will also be refunded to your Onboard Account. All credits applied to your Onboard Account can be used anywhere onboard, and any unused credits will be refunded back to your credit card on file about 3 – 5 business days after the sailing ends. Please know, we’re currently working with some of our airline partners, as some have agreed to waive change fees for our guests due to this special circumstance. Unfortunately, if your airline does not waive the change fees, you’ll be responsible for any charges incurred. While we hope you choose to sail with us, if you decide not to sail, we’ll provide you with: A 100% Future Cruise Credit of your cruise fare paid, in hopes you’ll join us on another cruise vacation in the near future. You can expect to receive your Future Cruise Credit by email by Friday, September 20th, 2019. You’ll also receive a full refund for any pre-purchased items like, shore excursions, beverage packages, pre-paid gratuities, and your taxes & fees. If you booked a non-refundable fare, fees will be waived. We are truly sorry for the storm’s impact on your vacation. Our guest’s and crew’s safety is our number one priority and while not the itinerary we originally anticipated, we know your time with us will be nothing short of amazing. Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  11. Tracie, do you even have to call to "cancel"? I am not waiting on the phone for hours for this crap. I find it ridiculous that they chop 3 days off the cruise, only go to one crappy port, and won't refund your money "in the hopes you will go on a future cruise". What a shoddy business. Not happy with Royal Caribbean right now.
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