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  1. I was just on the Vista 2 weeks ago, and i got all 5 of my pictures downloaded on my phone with the Pixels package. Maybe it varies from ship to ship......
  2. I just got off the Vista 2 days ago going to the same ports (MB, GC, Cozumel). After reading some reviews I was apprehensive, but my wife and I loved it. The Vista has a lot to keep teens busy, even without the kids club. The Sky Ride is up and operational, they have a mini waterpark instead of just a slide, and they have more food options (Pig and Anchor for BBQ, Bonsai Sushi, Jiji for Mongolian, Cucina for pasta bar). The Vista is a large and beautiful ship with a lot of activities. Also the Serenity deck was nearly empty every time we went, no matter the time, so getting a daybed or hammock will likely not be a problem (if thats your kind of thing.) This may sound biased though because I havent been on the Breeze, so I can only give half of a comparison. Hope this helps
  3. Jerk chicken and the different variants of Red Stripe
  4. I went on the Carnival Freedom last December, and chose not to eat at the Seafood Shack.........I've regretted that decision greatly, and I've been waiting 10 long months until my honeymoon cruise on the Carnival Vista so that I can finally try it.
  5. On my last cruise on the Freedom, I saw a female passenger strutting around in a tiny bikini and a thong. It was very obvious she had some cosmetic adjustments done too, so you can imagine it was distracting to say the least. Probably not the best attire for a family cruise....
  6. I looked on TripAdvisor for private taxi/tour companies. The one i found was Jamaican Taxi Tours. They quoted the itinerary i gave them for $90 round trip. Theres more on TripAdvisor if you have time to check them out
  7. I would cut back on the costumed photographers that come interrupt you while youre eating in the MDR to try to pose for a photo with them.
  8. My family and i have been using a PVP for the past few years, its extremely more convenient than doing it yourself. IMO they also have more knowledge of the ship cabins, which is always a plus for me
  9. You should bring it. Having extra alcohol is never a bad thing.
  10. Hi all, This is my first post on Cruise Critic, so hopefully i posted it in the right spot.... I am going on the Carnival Vista in a couple weeks (Oct.5-12, 2019) This isn't my first Carnival Cruise, but it will be my first with just me and my wife. I usually go with my family and friends in a giant group of 20+ people and my mother is the one who usually arranges all of the itineraries for the entire group. Our ports are Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. The shore excursions for Grand Cayman and Cozumel are taken care of (Bar Hopping Tour in GC, Mr. Sanchos Day Pass in Cozumel) but i chose to hire a private taxi for Montego Bay to drive us to select spots for shopping, eating, and beach lounging. Again, its my first time planning for a cruise and being responsible for another person, so safety is always a concern for me, even though we are both young. Another concern is time. The ship arrives at 8 and leaves at 5 (which means we need to be back by 4). My wife is not really a morning person, and i doubt we will be part of the group that's ready ASAP to get off the ship. Most likely we will get off the ship around 10 am. So essentially, we have 5-6 hours for our itinerary including travel/traffic to and from the ship and the different locations. Also nothings set in stone yet, and we are flexible and open to other ideas. Heres the basic plan for that day: Stop 1- Whitter Village (Shopping) - 1hr Stop 2- Pork Pit (Jerk Chicken and Pork 😋) - 1hr Stop 3- Doctors Cave Beach (Good reviews, has facilities, beach equipment for rent, supposedly more secure) - 2hrs TL;DR, is the above schedule doable/worth doing? Or are there better options to choose from? Any advice/critique is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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