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  1. Sailed both many times. Never been a fan of the Diamond or Sapphires 4 dining room setup.
  2. It is still in the process of being finished.
  3. Yes you can usually purchase up to a week or so prior to the cruise or just buy onboard.
  4. If not you are on a cruise!! 😎
  5. It was my understanding that it was only on the Royal Regal Majestic. We try to do it everytime we sailed this ships.
  6. Do it! If you can get one on Emerald deck even better! Covered and quiet. Dolphin deck mini balconies are uncovered and exposed to cabin decks above.
  7. Do not get a cabin which has a rollaway for the 3rd berth.
  8. Nope. It gets slid under the door or thrown on the bed.
  9. With the rollout of Medallion mailboxes are history now.
  10. I just asked for a credit and they put the $45 on my account.
  11. It is the same equipment but a slightly different menu as stated. They are not really cooking anything different that would require other equipment.
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