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  1. Not anymore.......we have sailed the Island many times. Both before and after the changes. It now has 300 + more passengers, 1 less large 2 story show lounge, 1/3 less promenade deck, and no increase in dining venues compared to the Coral Princess. All these changes to a ship that was not designed for these changes. IMO yes there are issues with extra passengers. Some don't have an issue with it. We did.
  2. There is no way to tell ahead of time. Check the Patter once onboard.
  3. There is no overhang/cover on Dolphin deck mini suites. (Grand Class) See photo post #16.
  4. No. It is still per actual person sailing.
  5. The Princess luggage valet service which picks up your bag from your home and delivers it to the ship can cost upwards of $200 per bag or more. What you are referring to is EZ Check.
  6. If it is a cruise that violates the PVSA you can book it but will receive notification at some point from Princess that it is not allowed. We have found and I have read here on CC that others were able to book for a short period of time until the Princess booking system flags it. If a cruise falls under the PVSA act one has to be off the ship at least 24 hours before reboarding or just change ships.
  7. I have been able to do both. Most of the time it’s on the United site.
  8. I think it will be perfect. I don't think the ship will be moving. 🤔
  9. Don't knock it until you try it. 🤔
  10. Sterling is a popup venue in the back of the HC buffet. Love the views from those floor to ceiling windows!
  11. Bribing Stewart is a hole nother can O worms.
  12. The AT system is so butchered now with every ship putting their spin on it and that depends on who the MD and HW's are at any given time.
  13. We have sailed the Grand many times over the years....... We stopped sailing the Grand several years ago when they removed one of our favorite venues "Skywalker's". On the last cruise on her there were so many water leaks throughout the ship it was crazy. Being the first Grand Class ships (1998) and now the oldest I am surprised she is still in the fleet. Not a fan.
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