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  1. Oh it's said "Less than 5 minute wait" the entire time. So I don't think there's a huge line there. The huge line is at customer service. No matter what time of day, it's been wrapped almost all the way to the shore excursions desk.
  2. Yes No - not even available yet. But John says that ability is coming. The only things you can make reservations for is dining. And then you can get in the queue for the shore excursions desk.
  3. Also, activities seem sparse. They are all loaded into the hub app and there's literally nothing I want to do before about 7 pm. To be expected on the first cruise back, bit still disappointing. White night is happening, other deck parties aren't showing. Quest not listed.
  4. Also on this sailing. A few answers: Emuster was super easy. 5 minute demo of how to put on a lifejacket. About 15 mins before sailaway, still 300 who didn't complete it. Things that need improvement so far: - organization. They're still trying to get back in the swing of things and don't have all their ducks in a row when it comes to checking in for my time dining, keeping non-havana people out of the Havana area, etc. - wifi. It didn't work until about 645 and is suuuuuper slow. - dining service times - we sat waiting between courses for longer tha
  5. This is exactly what we did. We were literally staring at Costa Maya, turned around and booked it to Cozumel. Docked around 7 last night and are now here until 5 tonight.
  6. Some sleuthing someone did on the Freedom FB says they missed Belize due to weather, so docked in Costa Maya instead? Still doesn't explain why they got to take our spot though. Also, attaching the letter we received.
  7. Actually, yes they do. I was there a month ago and there absolutely was a pool. As a poster above said, the pool is by the second bar.
  8. In Roatan, there was 1 ship at Coxen Hole (us) and 1 ship at Mahogany Bay (Carnival). So, we docked easily. I have heard, though that if 2+ ships are scheduled for Cozen Hole, the RCCL ship gets priority, since the dock is technically theirs. The same itinerary cruise on the Getaway that went a month before us, they had to tender, and I read it wasn't a great experience.
  9. Thought I would provide an update to give credit where credit is due. After returning, I filed a case with NCL guest relations, and they just responded back today. They agreed that the situation was not handled properly on board, and they provided a reasonable future cruise credit for me, without any back and forth or argument. So, good on NCL for recognizing an issue and correcting it.
  10. I sailed on Allure last year with a balcony on Deck 7 aft. LOVED this location. Theres a doorway out to the back of the ship and stairs that connect to the Boardwalk. Super convenient to get places, and no noise that I remember.
  11. $229/person. Some will say it's not worth it. For me, worth every penny! If you get it, tell Darwin, Dipak and Soccoro hello! They are the absolute best!
  12. Yes! Love this idea. I did my research beforehand too and I never saw any reviews on this room at all. But you can bet there is now!
  13. For context: I traveled solo on the Getaway Dec 13-22, 2019. This was my second cruise - but first with Norwegian and first solo. I have previously sailed RCCL Allure of the Seas. I sailed in a Studio room for most of the cruise (more on that later), and I had the drink package perk. OVERALL This cruise had some highs and some lows, but it was generally good. I really enjoyed many of the ports, and the ship was immaculately clean. I'll do my best to be as objective as poswible, but I had a pretty big issue with my cabin, so forewarning, that may cloud my recap a bit. PRE-CRUISE I arri
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