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  1. Hello, We will be in port from 10am to 8pm on carnival. I want to book this through Playa Mia as its not offered through Carnival. Can you advise on the following: 1. How much time is left after the class to use the Playa Mia facilities? Would there be time to visit the adjoining chocolate shop and still get beach time? Also piggybacking on this, what time did you get back to port? I'm wondering if this excursion takes all day. 2. Is there a chicken option? My sister does not eat fish. Thanks for your help!
  2. Was it $80 per person or total? We have four in our group.
  3. Hello, first time cruiser and first time visit visit to grand cayman. When in port would like to visit: turtle farm hell beach local restaurant for lunch if time add on: - rum distillery - rum cake my question is if we take a taxi to the turtle farm first, or I guess any location first, are there taxis that stick around when you’re ready to leave? Or would it be easy to get a bus? Just scared of getting stuck somewhere. Thanks!
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